Who plays Ali in Squid Game?

22 October 2021, 15:26

Who plays Ali in Squid Game?
Who plays Ali in Squid Game? Picture: Netflix/Instagram/sangipaiya
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Who is the actor who plays Abdul Ali - player 199 - in Squid Game? Get to know Tripathi Anupam.

New Netflix series Squid Game is proving a huge hit with viewers worldwide, and it's now on track to become the streaming service's biggest show of all time.

The nine-part thriller-drama tells the story of a group of 456 people lured into playing a mysterious game in the hopes of winning a huge cash prize.

After being taken to a strange island, the players quickly learn that the games have a terrifying and deadly twist...

One of the Squid Game contestants is Abdul Ali, an immigrant from Pakistan who teams up with Gi-hun, Il-nam and Sang Woo.

Here's your need-to-know on the actor who plays him.

Ali is one of the main characters in Squid Game
Ali is one of the main characters in Squid Game. Picture: Netflix

Who is Anupam Tripathi? What's his age and background?

Anupam Tripathi, 32, is an actor from India.

He currently lives in South Korea, and attended the Korea National University for Arts. He speaks fluent Hindi, English and Korean.

Squid Game is his first major role, but he has been in the industry since 2014 - and has mostly held supporting roles.

He appeared alongside Song Joong Ki in Netflix's 2021 Korean Sci-fi film Space Sweepers.

In Squid Game, he plays Ali - an immigrant from Pakistan who signs up for the games as he needs money to support his wife and child after being conned by his place of work.

Ali's kind-hearted and loveable personality has proved a huge hit with viewers, with one person tweeting: "a necessary appreciation tweet for Ali in Squid Game cause we don't talk about it much?? He literally slayed his role which is one of the most human and innocent characters in the history of kdrama & the actor nail it with that depth in his expressions. *claps*".

**Spoilers ahead**

Does Ali die in Squid Game?

We all saw it coming, but that didn't mean viewers were any less devastated when Ali died in the games during the fourth round.

He had partnered up with friend Sang Woo for the round, but they were shocked to be told that they would be playing against each other - with the loser being eliminated.

Ali was winning the game of marbles they were playing, but Sang Woo then tricked him into losing by telling him he could make sure they both win - and then stole all the marbles.

Is Anupam Tripathi on Instagram?

He is! He has almost a million followers, and you can join them @sangipaiya.

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