Coronation Street fans shocked as Emmerdale star makes debut

5 July 2022, 07:23

Camilla arrived in Coronation Street
Camilla arrived in Coronation Street. Picture: ITV/Alamy/Twitter

Who is playing Phil Whittaker's ex wife in Coronation Street? Everything you need to know...

Coronation Street viewers spotted a familiar face in Weatherfield when Phil Whittaker’s ex wife Camilla turned up.

It looks like Camilla is set to cause some trouble, with his fiancée Fiz Brown seemingly unimpressed by her arrival.

But fans of the show quickly realised they had seen Camilla before on another ITV soap.

Camilla made her debut on Coronation Street
Camilla made her debut on Coronation Street. Picture: ITV

So, who is Camilla in Coronation Street and why do you recognise her? Here’s what we know…

Who is Camilla in Coronation Street?

Camilla is Phill Whittaker’s ex-wife who turned up unannounced with a wedding gift for her former partner.

Not much detail has been given about their relationship or when they split but it seems as though the story will unravel over the next few weeks.

Who plays Camilla in Coronation Street?

Camilla is played by actress Louise Marwood who is best known for playing Chrissie White in Emmerdale from 2014 until 2018.

Louise Marwood left Emmerdale in 2018
Louise Marwood left Emmerdale in 2018. Picture: Alamy

Chrissie was the daughter of Ellen White and John Richards and also the half-sister of Rebecca White and mum of Lachlan White.

Chrissie was killed-off, alongside her dad Lawrence, in 2018 after being involved in a car crash caused by Lachlan.

In 2010, actress Louise played another character in Emmerdale called Fiona before landing the role of Chrissie and she also played Ally Harrison in Hollyoaks: Let Loose back in 2005.

Fans were thrilled to see Louise on their screens again, with one writing on Twitter: "Chrissie White looks good after rising from the dead!"

"It’s Chrissie White from Emmerdale!!!!" said another, while a third added: "Omg was that the iconic Chrissie white?!"

A fourth wrote: "Phill's ex wife that's Chrissie White with red hair #Corrie".