Gemma Collins blames terrifying BLACK OUT for Dancing On Ice fall

30 January 2019, 07:27 | Updated: 30 January 2019, 08:40

Gemma Collins has denied purposefully falling over on Dancing On Ice
Gemma Collins has denied purposefully falling over on Dancing On Ice. Picture: ITV

The GC has hit back after trolls accused her of purposefully throwing herself on to the ice on Sunday night's show.

Gemma Collins claims she BLACKED OUT moments before her painful Dancing On Ice tumble - but has vowed to return to the ice this Sunday.

Speaking to The Sun, the 37-year-old hit back at trolls' claims that she had purposefully thrown herself on to the ice on last week's show.

She raged: "It definitely wasn’t faked, one million per cent. If they knew the pain I am in with my knee, they would understand.

“I didn’t fall, I passed out. I was just going and then, next thing, on the ground.

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"What is scary is my teeth could have been smashed out.

"It was so weird. I don’t think I tripped, I think I blacked out."

She added that she had been "under so much pressure from the week before so I just blacked out."

The previous seven days had been stressful with a public row with Jason Gardiner dominating headlines - and being accused of being lazy and leaving rehearsals early.

She was even forced to hit back at Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield after they questioned her commitment on This Morning.

Gemma added that she has an unfair disadvantage compared to the other celebs on the show as she is HEAVIER than them.

She said: "It was really upsetting because, at the end of the day, people have to cut me a bit of slack.

"I'm the biggest girl in the competition. It's physically more tiring for me than for everyone else, I'm carrying weight that the others haven't got.

"Both of my knees have taken a battering since doing the show, so that's an area where I've suffered.

"I've fallen on my knees so many times I've been wearing kneepads to train.

"Everyone's rooting for me to do well so taking a week off isn't an option as far as I'm concerned.

"If they can strap my knee up and give me a cortisone injection, I'll be all right."

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Gemma fell over at the end of her routine with Matt Evers, skidding across the rink as the audience, judges and people at home watched on in horror.

After the fall - which was seen by 7.1million viewers - was rushed to physio as soon as the show was over, and shared pictures of her bruised and swollen legs covered in ice packs.

However, some people accused Gemma of "throwing herself on to the ice" in a bid to deflect from her lack of skating skills - or to be able to leave the competition with dignity.

Yesterday boyfriend Arg was seen pushing her around Essex in a wheelchair.

Arg told The Sun: "Gemma’s black and blue all over. She's struggling to walk so I had to carry her to the car earlier, and she's been using [her mother] Joan's wheelchair on and off all day because she's in so much pain."

Yesterday night Gemma confirmed that she had been given the green light to compete on this week's show.

She shared a picture of herself lying on a hospital trolley flicking two 'victory' signs.

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