Gemma Collins' SHAMAN reveals how she cleansed Dancing On Ice rink

7 February 2019, 09:17 | Updated: 7 February 2019, 13:00

Gemma Collins called in a shaman to cleanse the Dancing On Ice rink
Gemma Collins called in a shaman to cleanse the Dancing On Ice rink. Picture: Getty
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

EXCLUSIVE: Sue Holmes was called in to cleanse the Dancing On Ice training rink by Gemma Collins - and she told Heart that we might see a huge improvement in the Towie star's abilities on Sunday...

Gemma Collins called in a SHAMAN to cleanse the energy at the Dancing On Ice training rink.

Sue Holmes, who works under the guise of 'Fire Horse', travelled to Bovingdon to investigate one particular area of the rink that was proving to be problematic for the GC.

The Towie star shared footage on her Instagram account of Sue getting to work with shamanic tools including a drum, candles and huge cymbals.

Gemma explained: "Brought a psychic into the ice today to cleanse the energy for my performance on Sunday because there's very bad energy in this corner and it's affecting the performance.

"She has brought all her stuff with her. We are going to banish out the bad energy for this Sunday - hell yes!

"She is banishing away the negative energy since my trauma on the fall on the ice."

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Speaking to Heart London Breakfast on Thursday morning, Sue explained how she ended up helping Gemma overcome the hot spot of icy negativity.

She said: "Gemma is sensitive to energies, and she could pick up that there was something that didn't feel right in the ice rink so they invited me in.

"What I do is detective work to begin with, so I go in to a place and feel in to where there might be patterns or imprints of sadness, trauma or fear or bad luck from the past that seems to have a negative impact on people in the present.

"If people move in to a house where someone go divorced, there would have been a lot of arguments there, and the people who move in there will find that they're arguing where they wouldn't have done before."

In the six weeks the show has been on, there has certainly been a lot of trauma for Gemma.

- She's been trolled for her size by cruel viewers and critics

- Had a blazing row with judge Jason Gardiner

- Had shade thrown at her by Holly Willoughby

- Taken a terrifying tumble on live TV

- Been at the centre of fix claims

- And slammed by fans for her song choice

Thankfully for the GC, Sue added that in the process of healing the place, it's possible for the person who invited her there to have healing, as well - and Gemma lapped it up.

She added: "It went really well. we did the work, she was great to work with. She was very warm and friendly. She could feel the difference.

"She was really enthusiastic."

However, Sue couldn't promise that we would see improved skating from Gemma this week, but she added: "But it can only help."

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