Whitney Dean's prison breakdown teased in dramatic new EastEnders' trailer

1 March 2020, 11:13

Whitney Dean breaks down behind bars
Whitney Dean breaks down behind bars. Picture: BBC One

With blood-stained hands, Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty, is shown screaming in a prison cell in BBC's trailer.

The market trader killed her seducer and stalker Leo King, and turned herself in claiming self defence.

Following weeks of threatening behaviour, Leo attempted to attack Whitney with a knife, while trapping her in her bedroom. As she fought him off he fell onto his own knife, ending his life.

In the new clip she screams through her tears "nothing is going to change what I did."

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With blood on her hands Whitney breaks down
With blood on her hands Whitney breaks down. Picture: BBC One

Along with the dramatic scene of Whitney behind bars, there's still the question of Kush Kazemi's intertwined fate after he accidentally threw Leo off a balcony during a fight.

In a tense exchange Gray Atkins, Whitney's solicitor, tells Kat Slater, "If Kush changes his plea it gives me a fighting change of stopping Whitney going down for murder."

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With Leo dead, Kush wants to plea not-guilty, however a guilty plea could help Gray with his defence for Whitney. This put Kat in a difficult position.

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Using a fake identity he attempted to seduce Whitney to find out if she was lying about her childhood abuser, his dad. He left in December after the truth of Whitney's abused had been revealed.

With his return in January, Leo King had been a disruptive presence in Albert Square, opening a market stall called 'Nite and Whey,' an anagram of Whitney Dean.

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