What happened to Angie Reynolds in Emmerdale and where is Freya Copeland now?

15 November 2022, 09:24 | Updated: 15 November 2022, 09:26

Angie Reynolds starring in Emmerdale in 2000
Angie Reynolds starring in Emmerdale in 2000. Picture: ITV/Alamy

Who played Angie in Emmerdale? Here's what we need to know about actress Freya Copeland...

Emmerdale fans might remember Angie Reynolds arriving in the village all the way back in 1999.

The police sergeant turned up with her husband Sean, son Marc and daughter Ollie and was part of some big storylines over the years.

One of her biggest dramas was her affair with Cain Dingle, before it ended in a terrible car crash.

But what happened to Angie Reynolds and where is actress Freya Copeland now?

Freya Copeland playing Angie in Emmerdale
Freya Copeland playing Angie in Emmerdale. Picture: Alamy

Who was Angie Reynolds in Emmerdale?

Angie Reynolds was in Emmerdale for three years, with one of her biggest storylines being her fling with criminal Cain Dingle.

After Angie called their romance off, Cain was devastated and vowed to get revenge.

He then went on to sleep with her 15-year-old daughter Ollie and was beaten up by Angie’s husband Sean.

Eventually, Angie tried to trick Cain into robbing Tate Haulage, pretending to be in on the act but really wanting to arrest him.

A car chase ensued and Angie’s police car ended up flipping.

Freya Copeland and her Emmerdale co-stars at the TV Quick Awards in 2000
Freya Copeland and her Emmerdale co-stars at the TV Quick Awards in 2000. Picture: Alamy

How did Angie Reynolds leave Emmerdale?

Angie Reynolds died in the car crash after her pursuit of Tate.

Despite the police car flipping over and crashing, Cain managed to drag her out of the car.

Angie emotionally told him to tell her children that she loved them, but Cain begged her to say that she loved him too.

The tragic moment ended with Angie dying in his arms.

Chas visits Cain in prison in tense Emmerdale scenes

Where is Freya Copeland now?

Not much is known about actress Freya Copeland since she left Emmerdale back in 2002.

Freya is now 51-years-old and was born in Staffordshire, England, on 3rd December 1969.

The actress has starred in other shows such as Law & Order and Doctors, she also won the British Soap Award for Best Exit.

She is thought to have been married to her husband, Toby Walton for 20 years and the pair share a son together.

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