Is Faith Dingle leaving Emmerdale?

30 June 2021, 09:12

Emmerdale fans think Faith Dingle is leaving
Emmerdale fans think Faith Dingle is leaving. Picture: ITV

What will happen to Faith Dingle in Emmerdale? Find out everything about Sally Dexter's character...

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle has been having a tough time after realising her cancer may have returned.

After undergoing some tests, Faith (Sally Dexter) thinks something is seriously wrong, with Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) noticing she is not herself.

But is Faith leaving Emmerdale and what do we know about her health worries?

Eric Pollard is worried for Faith
Eric Pollard is worried for Faith. Picture: ITV

Is Faith leaving Emmerdale?

It is unclear what will happen to Faith in Emmerdale, but fans have been left concerned after she collapsed twice recently.

Faith has battled breast cancer in the past and is terrified it has returned.

Opening up about the storyline, 61-year-old actress Sally told The Mirror: "She's scared, once you've been bitten by cancer it's very easy to live in fear in some ways of it coming back.

"She doesn't live in fear of it but it hovers at the back of her mind. It's dramatic.

"This pain gets worse in the back of her hip and on one occasion in front of Eric she collapses on the floor."

But it looks like Faith will be sticking around in the village for a little longer, as Sally hopes her character will patch things up with estranged son Cain (Jeff Hordley).

"She doesn't want to worry them or for them to accept her out of pity," she said.

"She wants a real relationship with them again, and that matters to her more than anything and it's a big deal.

"She would certainly hope [it would bring them closer] and would turn herself inside out to make that happen.

"But it certainly brings all of that to the forefront of things. The relationship is very dramatic and heartfelt."

Faith is the ex-wife of Shadrach Dingle and the mother of Cain and Chas Dingle.

Sally Dexter stars as Faith Dingle in Emmerdale
Sally Dexter stars as Faith Dingle in Emmerdale. Picture: PA Images

She first appeared in the soap back in 2000, originally portrayed by actress Gillian Jephcott.

But she returned as a regular character in February 2017, this time played by Sally Dexter.

Faith was previously forced to leave after it was revealed she kept Nate (Jurell Carter) a secret from Cain.

Nate turned up in the Dales to seek revenge on his dad for abandoning him, despite Cain having no idea he had another son.

They both later realised Faith knew the whole time but hadn't told son Cain that Nate existed.

Cain was left furious and told his mum that he never wanted to see her again.