Emmerdale fans predict Meena Jutla’s lies will finally be exposed in court by secret witness

21 March 2022, 15:38

Emmerdale: Outburst in court as Meena Jutla faces her crimes

Is Meena Jutla going to prison? Here's what we know about the upcoming Emmerdale trial...

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Emmerdale fans think Meena Jutla will be found guilty of all her crimes thanks to a secret witness.

Viewers will know that while Meena (Paige Sandhu) was recently charged for murder, attempted murder and all of her other crimes.

The serial killer initially pled guilty for the attempted murder of Leyla Cavanaghand the kidnapping and attempted murder of her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

But she has since gone on to plead not guilty to the murders of Andrea Tate, Leanna Cavanagh and Ben Tucker.

Meena is facing jail in Emmerdale
Meena is facing jail in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

While Manpreet is still facing a difficult decision over whether to testify against her sister in court, some viewers now think unexpected witness Noah Dingle might take to the stand

Meena’s box of trophies relating to her victims was previously found, with her DNA also all over the box.

While Meena has claimed she stole the belongings of her victims before they died, fans of the soap might remember Noah (Jack Downham) actually found the box months ago.

He also found the ring Meena took off Leanna's hand after killing her, so can clearly link the ring and the box to Meena.

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One person wrote on Twitter: "Could Noah actually be a potential shock Prosecution witness? Given he can obviously link Meena to Leanna's ring & testify to how beyond desperate she actually was to get it back."

Another responded: “Yeah I can see this happening to be honest, Noah had found the box ages ago but didn't really think anything of it at the time, and now he knows, he could be crucial to the trail I guess. Would rather not see Meena leave but that's the way it is. #Emmerdale”.

This comes after Emmerdale bosses revealed why they had to axe Meena.

Appearing on This Morning, soap writer Sharon Marshall said bosses were desperate to find a way to keep Meena around.

Emmerdale viewers want to know what happens to Meena
Emmerdale viewers want to know what happens to Meena. Picture: ITV

Phillip Schofield asked her: "You say: 'Can she get away with it?' and obviously that will be the question, but didn't you have a little analysis at work?"

Sharon said: "Yeah, I was just telling you this. We do love the serial killers and go: 'Is there a way to keep them in? Can people get away with it?'"

"So we said: 'Is there a way legally she could go through this, if she pleads a certain way?'

“The research team read out 25 counts of illegal activity that she'd done just on-screen that we knew about, probably more off-screen.

"She'd broken the law 25 times, so probably not."