Who are Gogglebox's new family The Walkers?

18 September 2020, 20:00 | Updated: 14 October 2020, 10:29

The Walkers are the new family on Gogglebox
The Walkers are the new family on Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4/Instagram

Who are the Walker family on Gogglebox? Get to know Chantelle, Monique and their mum Elizabeth.

After a short break away from our TV screens, Gogglebox is finally back with its 16th series.

And all our favourite families have returned to their sofas, including Stephen and Daniel, Dave and Shirley and Mary and Marina.

But as well as some old faces, the show has also introduced two new families; The Bagss and The Walkers.

So, let’s get to know The Walkers a little better…

The Walker family are new to Gogglebox
The Walker family are new to Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4

Who are The Walkers on Gogglebox?

The Walker family is made up of sisters Chantelle and Monique and their mum Elizabeth.

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And it looks as though they’ve already made an impression on the Gogglebox audience with their hilarious one liners.

“Nice to see new families taking part,” said one, while a second agreed: “Liking the 2 new families tonight #GOGGLEBOX.”

And a third wrote: “#GOGGLEBOX definitely the best program of the week. Like a comfort blanket. Very glad to see old families back with a few new ones too.”

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Where are The Walkers from and what do they do for a living?

The Walker family are from North London. While little is known about their jobs, Chantelle has her own YouTube channel with over 1,000 subscribers.

Here, she shares videos about her life, including beauty tutorials.

She also has a Master of Arts and is currently teaching first year students at the Chichester University Theatre Department.

You can find Chantelle on Instagram @queenchannieb, while her sister Monique’s handle is @monique.l.w.

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

According to The Sun, Gogglebox stars get paid £1,500 a month per family, which they can share out between themselves however they see fit.

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