Shock Line Of Duty theories claim Kate Fleming is H

21 April 2021, 11:51

Line of Duty fans think Kate Fleming could be H
Line of Duty fans think Kate Fleming could be H. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Is Kate Fleming H? All the new Line of Duty theories revealed...

**Warning Line of Duty episode five spoilers below**

If you managed to catch the latest episode of Line of Duty, you probably spent the last ten minutes hiding behind a cushion.

After Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) tricked Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) into meeting her in a deserted car park, evil Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper) emerged from the shadows.

The young officer then pulled out a gun on Kate and threatened to kill her before two gunshots were heard and the screen went black.

Well, after eventually getting our heart rate back down to normal we’ve been hit by another bombshell, as fans have now suggested Kate could actually be part of the OCG. Hear us out…

Graffiti clue

Firstly, eagle-eyed fans spotted a clue in an underpass during a conversation between Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) and Kate.

During episode four, a large graffiti 'H' could be seen in the middle them both, with many guessing this could mean one of them is The Fourth Person.

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Trailer hint

There’s also another hint in the trailer which might prove that Kate has been working alongside Jo.

Viewers have been sharing screenshots of an old clip which shows Jo and Kate standing alongside each other after their standoff with Ryan, in a scene which is yet to be shown.

One person said: “Screen grab from #Lineofduty session 6 @BBC trailer.

“#katefleming looks pissed, #jodavidson has her hands in the air. THIS SCENE HASN’T OCCURRED YET.”

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Promotional poster

If you’re not yet convinced, one super fan has even suggested Kate’s position on the Line of Duty promotional poster could also suggest she is ‘H’.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous user wrote: “OK, hear me out on this one.

“Whenever you are looking at a Line Of Duty poster or teaser who is in the middle? Kate, despite the fact that Steve and Hastings would have had more screen time.

Line of Duty fans have pointed out Kate's position in the Line of Duty poster
Line of Duty fans have pointed out Kate's position in the Line of Duty poster. Picture: BBC

“Take season two, for example; that series had a lot of basis around Steve and Denton, yet Kate is still in the middle (of the promotion picture).

“My theory on this is that Kate’s position in the posters is saying that she is basically in all of this.”

Kate's undercover work

Other fans have pointed out that Kate is almost always working with the team who has been accused of having connections with the OCG.

In series one, she joined DCI Anthony Gate’s TO-20 unit, before working with Lindsay Denton’s Missing Persons Unit in series two.

As for series three, she was placed undercover in the firearms squad with Sergeant Danny Waldron, while series four saw her join the murder investigation unit with DCI Roz Huntley.

Each time, Kate used her actual first name but changed her surname to avoid being caught out.

Now, Kate is back at it again and has been defending Line of Duty’s latest corrupt police officer, Jo Davidson.

And it looks like all this is enough to convince plenty of viewers that Kate might not be as legit as we thought.

“I’ve rewatched S6Ep4 AGAIN. Now my brain is telling me that Kate is H,” one tweeted.

“What if Kate is H and they both shot Davidson?” asked another, while a third added: “I think Kate Fleming is ‘H’ in Line Of Duty.”

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