Line of Duty fans convinced Ted Hastings is corrupt after spotting major spelling blunder

19 April 2021, 10:22 | Updated: 19 April 2021, 15:38

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Fans of Line of Duty fans think Ted Hastings is 'H' after incriminating new clues were revealed.

Line of Duty fans were treated to another dramatic episode of the series on Sunday night.

And as well as finally finding out who Joanne Davidson is related to, viewers are convinced Ted Hastings’ true identity has been revealed.

In fact, fans of the show think Hastings could be 'The Fourth Person' after they spotted a spelling error.

During a conversation with Joanne Davidson (Kelly MacDonald), the organised crime boss ordered her to get rid of Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) for good.

The mystery OCG boss spelt 'definately' wrong
The mystery OCG boss spelt 'definately' wrong. Picture: BBC

But the mystery person spelt definitely as ‘definately’, which is exactly how Hastings previously spelt it.

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This was enough for viewers to flock to Twitter, with one writing: "'Definately' it’s still the wrong spelling. It’s the same person on that screen. It’s the same way Hastings spelt it..."

"H is Hasting after all? Definitely spelt as 'definitely again. Hastings. Game over,” said another.

While a third added: “#LOD in series 5 when Ted responded to John and Lisa on the computer he spelled definitely wrong.

Ted Hastings was previously accused of corruption
Ted Hastings was previously accused of corruption. Picture: BBC

“All the signs are pointing to Hastings being H. If it is him, I will be devastated!”

This wasn’t the only clue which hints that Ted (Adrian Dunbar) could be corrupt.

The former gaffer has now been forced to step down from his job, after Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Kate found more evidence he could be the mystery fourth ‘H’.

Ted was previously accused of corruption back in series five, and Steve recently managed to trace the OCG money he discovered in Steph Corbett’s house back to Hastings.

Ted was then seen arguing against arresting PC Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper), despite him being caught on camera tipping off the OCG about a police raid.

Later on in the episode, Steve also paid Lee Banks (Alastair Natkiel) a visit in prison, who told him that Hastings had revealed there was a rat within the OCG last season.

This information led to the brutal death of Stephen Graham’s character John Corbett.

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