Love Island fans call Curtis Pritchard out for "game playing"

17 June 2019, 17:27 | Updated: 19 June 2019, 10:49

Love Island fans are convinced Curtis has a game plan
Love Island fans are convinced Curtis has a game plan. Picture: ITV2
Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Some Love Island viewers suspect Curtis Pritchard is up to something and has got a game plan up his sleeve.

The hit ITV2 show is starting to heat up - with new girl Maura stirring things up and two new guys about to arrive in the villa.

And while one of the favourite Love Island couples at the start was Amy and Curtis - some fans believe the ballroom dancer has a game plan, and that's he's going to ditch the air stewardess shortly.

One fan speculated: "Amy and Curtis are too desperate to be that “power couple” they’re already bitching. I’m telling you now they are game playing.. they’re not “genuine” #LoveIsland".

Another added: "Feel like Curtis has watched Jack & Dani win love island last year so he knows what game he’s playing at, in it to win it #LoveIsland".

A third chimed in: "Not gonna lie, I don’t trust Curtis. He cheated on his last girlfriend so I’m not buying the whole “nice guy” act. I reckon he’s playing a game so he can win that sweet cash prize."

Amy and Curtis, who coupled up at the start of the series, made things semi-official when the dancer asked the blonde beauty to be his "half-girlfriend".

The cabin crew member then took it to heart when Lucie and Joe came back from their date that same day, stating they were also exclusive.

Since, Amy and Lucie have had a tumultuous relationship, as the former called the surfer out for not spending enough time with the rest of the girls. Joe also added to the pressure, calling his partner Lucie "weird" for hanging out with Tommy and having more guy friends than girls.