Who is Maura Higgins, how old is she and how do you pronounce the Love Island star's name?

19 June 2019, 21:28 | Updated: 19 June 2019, 21:31

Maura is the latest female bombshell to arrive on the island
Maura is the latest female bombshell to arrive on the island. Picture: ITV/Instagram

Maura Higgins is the latest bombshell to enter the Love Island villa - and has already taken a liking to boxing hunk, Tommy Fury.

Just when you thought Love Island couldn't get any more dramatic (what with all the love triangles and Sherif Lanre finally revealing the real reason he got thrown off the show), show bosses threw in two new bombshells by the names of Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar.

Maura has attracted a huge amount of controversy after her behaviour toward Tommy Fury was labelled as 'predatory' and garnered almost 500 Ofcom complaints.

But who is the new Love Island star, what's her Instagram handle and how do you pronounce her name? Here's everything you need to know about model Maura Higgins.

Who is Maura Higgins? What's her age, job and background?

Maura is a 28-year-old model and grid girl from County Longford, Ireland.

She said in her entry interview: "I’m outgoing and I really am looking to find love. I’m a relationship type of girl. I hate being single. I was in a nine-year relationship that finished a few years ago.

"Then I was with another guy, we broke up last year sometime, then we got back together but the trust was gone and it’s not going to come back. It ended quite recently. As the trust is just gone, for me, there is no going back."

How do you pronounce Maura's name?

After the brunette beauty entered the Love Island villa, viewers started searching for how to pronounce her name - and it wasn't just fans who were unsure, as Tommy struggled to read out Maura's name from the text telling the group about the new arrivals.

You pronounce the name as you'd think - like Laura with an 'M'.

It is a common female name used in Ireland, but also in Spain, Italy, Greece and Scotland.

Who will Maura Higgins couple up with?

Maura tried and failed to couple up with Tommy Fury, who chose Molly-Mae over her in the latest recoupling, so it's unclear who she will end up with.

However, she did discuss her idea of her perfect guy in her entry interview, saying: "I would go for personality more than anything.

I would definitely look for someone who is really honest and a very confident guy, but not arrogant and definitely someone who makes me laugh. They have to have banter, without a doubt."

What's happening with Maura and new boy Tom Walker?

Maura, along with fellow contestant Anna Vakili, was left single after the latest recoupling.

She then went on a date with new boy Tom Walker, 29, who she has now taken a fancy to. However, Tom later revealed that he also has a crush on Elma, meaning we could have another love triangle on our hands...

What happened with the Maura Higgins Ofcom complaints?

Almost 500 people complained to Ofcom after Maura seemingly 'sexually harassed' Tommy Fury. Read the full story here.

What's Maura Higgins' Instagram handle?

You can follow Maura @maurahiggins.

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