Dani Dyer and Sam Bird chime in on Joe Garrett's treatment of Lucie Donlan on Love Island

17 June 2019, 14:25 | Updated: 17 June 2019, 17:27

Love Island fans slam Joe for the way he treated Lucie in last night's episode

Last year's contestants, Dani Dyer and Sam Bird, call Joe out for his reaction to Lucie hanging out with Tommy.

Last night's episode of Love Island didn't sit well with fans, after Joe Garratt called Lucie Donlan "weird" for having friends who are guys.

And it seems last year's contestants also feel his reaction was off the mark.

Taking to Twitter during the show, Dani Dyer commented: "Just wanna give Lucie a cuddle they need to chill out leave the girl alone."

While Sam Bird stated: "Joe telling lucy its time to start spending more time with the girls and not the boys is a horrendous thing to say, who cares who’s she’s friends with! #loveisland".

It came after Amy called Lucie out for not spending enough time with the other girls in the villa. Lucie then tried to smooth things over with Amy - but that didn't seem to be enough, as the air stewardess continued to talk to new girls Elma and Maura about Lucie's lack of involvement.

Things then blew up, as Lucie confronted Amy about gossiping about her behind her back, before Lucie seemed to take her frustration with the situation out on Amy during the Bridezilla challenge last night, in which the girls had a big food fight.

In another bout of drama, Amy ran inside the villa in tears, as the girls told Lucie off for the way she acted. Not knowing the Amy was upset, Lucie then tracked her down to apologise for offending her, then spoke to her pal Tommy Fury about the whole situation.

If that wasn't enough, Lucie partner Joe then turned against her, calling her out for being so close to Tommy - describing their closeness as "weird" and saying Lucie should hang out with the girls more.

As the Love Island pair faced recoupling, Joe said they'd had a few "issues" of late, but he was still wanted to be with Lucie.

Fans kicked off on Twitter, then, describing Joe's behaviour as "manipulative" and likening him to serial killer Joe from Netflix series, You.