8 of Maura Higgins' best Love Island quotes and moments

24 July 2019, 16:22 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 16:27

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Love Island favourite Maura Higgins has never been one to bite her tongue - so we've rounded up her best moments from the show so far.

Maura Higgins has quickly become one of our favourite Love Island contestants with her hilarious one liners.

After storming into the villa with her eye on Tommy Fury, she brought with her “f**** flutters” and enough viral memes to keep your group chat entertained for hours.

So, we thought it was only right to give her the recognition she deserves with this roundup of her best quotes and moments on the show so far.

1. Maura’s brutal comment to George

Remember when Maura and best mate Lucie Donlan decided things weren't working out with Casa Amor boys George and Marvin?

Well, if a double dumping from the pair wasn’t savage enough, at the end of the conversation, George jokingly got up and said, "Alright, see you girls later."

Maura made a savage dig at George
Maura made a savage dig at George. Picture: ITV

Maura then laughed in his face and said: "That was probably the funniest thing you’ve ever done". Burn!

2. The time Tom Walker felt her wrath

In one of the greatest moments in Love Island history, Maura went on an almighty rampage when she heard ex Tom make a rude comment about her to the boys.

As he went to join her for a night in the Hideaway, Tom said: “Let’s see if she’s all mouth,” and Maura’s spectacular reaction quickly became an internet sensation.

The 28-year-old went IN, and told him to "go f***" himself.

She later said in the Beach Hut: "Like even if we went in the Hideaway, I wasn't going to jump on the man… It's more about the craic, I'm not some sort of sex addict.”

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3. When she thought “chin-wag” was a dance

Before the pair became one of our favourite couples, Curtis Pritchard asked Maura for a "chinwag".

But while his use of the term "chinwag" took the ladies by surprise, Maura clarified that she’d recently learned what the word meant.

"I know what a chinwag is thanks to him," she told Amber Gill, before admitting: "At first I thought it was a dance."

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4. That epic fall

During an episode of “Unseen Bits” Maura proved why we love her so much once again when she tripped whilst trying to do a sexy walk.

As she headed to her date with Chris Taylor, she strutted along the path with Curtis Pritchard who had also been summoned to get to know bombshell Francesca Allen.

Maura took a tumble
Maura took a tumble. Picture: ITV

While she looked amazing for the slow-mo walk, she lost her footing and fell with a huge bump.

Trying to regain her balance, the Islander threw her arms in the air before laughing hysterically while Curtis dragged her off the floor.

5. A near miss

The Irish gridgirl has previously admitted to never wearing pants, but when Curtis scooped her up in his arms on the way to their first date, she quipped: “Lucky I’m wearing underwear.”

6. When she had her priorities in check

No stranger to a fall herself, you’d think Maura would have more sympathy for her pal Molly-Mae when she tripped down the stairs the other day.

But instead, her first reaction was: “I can’t believe she wasted the wine.” We feel you…

7. ‘Are you jokin’?’

One of our favourite quotes from Maura has to be “Are you jokin?!”

Whether she’s shouting it at a love rival (Molly-Mae when they were both after Tommy Fury) or taking down an ex (Tom Walker when he called her “cringe” behind her back), it works for every occasion.

8. Her brutal honesty

If there's one thing we know about Maura, it's that she doesn't hold back.

After the dramatic Casa Amor re-coupling, Amy Hart was left devastated as Curtis admitted she was his back-up plan as he wanted to recouple with Jourdan.

When Lucie asked the heartbroken former Islander: "But does he love you?", Maura bluntly hit back: "Why you asking her that! He doesn't..."

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