Love Island fans praise Maura Higgins after she shuts down Tom Walker

24 June 2019, 10:31 | Updated: 24 June 2019, 10:44

Love Island fans praise Maura Higgins after she shuts down Tom Walker
Love Island fans praise Maura Higgins after she shuts down Tom Walker. Picture: ITV2
Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Maura Higgins overheard Tom's locker-room chat with the lads, and was having none of it.

New guy Tom Walker entered the Love Island villa last week with Jordan - and has had a pretty dramatic time on the show ever since.

First of all, his arrival caused a bit of a rift between Elma and Maura, as he said he had eyes for both of them.

Then, after the Essex lass was booted out with Lucie's partner Joe Garratt, Tom laid it on factor 50 with the Irish ring girl.

After winning the Gym Bunnies challenge, Maura Higgins was rewarded with a stay in the Hideaway with a man of her choice, which, naturally, was Tom - but it all went south from there!

Having been chosen to spend the night in the Hideaway with Maura, an over-excited Tom then went to chat to the lads about how he should play it.

Tommy high-fived Tom, passing him a Love Island branded condom, while the other guys joked about the pair 'doing bits'.

Maura, who by that point had finished getting ready, then overheard Tom, as he said: "It will be interesting to see if she's all mouth or not."

As if that wasn't awkward enough, Maura demanded him to repeat himself: "What did you just say to them?"

Tom then confessed, before Maura slapped back: "You did not just say that. Why did you say that? Did you actually just say that? Wow, okay, are you f***ing joking? That's a d***head comment. F*** off."

She then stormed back into the villa to where the girls were, leaving Tom outside feeling pretty silly - and quite rightly so.

Since, fans have rallied behind the brunette beauty, slamming Tom for thinking being sexually open equates to being easy.

Former Love Island star Olivia Atwood tweeted: "Like is he ok?!?! Good for Maura for note taking it."

Another viewer added: "Tom saying “let’s see if she’s all mouth” about Maura because she’s open about her sex life is a prime example of how women are objectified for expressing liking sex etc, just cause a woman is open about their sex life doesn’t mean she’s open to sleeping with anyone!!"

A third chimed in: "YES MAURA GO OFF! Why is it that when a girl talks about how much she enjoys sex, everyone thinks she's just gonna sleep with anyone?"

And judging by the preview clip for tonight's episode, it looks like the drama doesn't end there!