Love Island fans slam 'hypocrite' Maura for her reaction to Elma and Tom

19 June 2019, 09:51 | Updated: 19 June 2019, 10:49

Maura's reaction to Elma speaking to Tom didn't sit well with Love Island viewers
Maura's reaction to Elma speaking to Tom didn't sit well with Love Island viewers. Picture: ITV2
Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Maura’s reaction to Elma and Tom getting to know each other did NOT go down well with viewers…

After several days of Molly-Mae and Maura competing for Tommy Fury’s affections, things finally came to a head in Monday night’s recoupling - which saw the boxer choose Instagram influencer Molly-Mae over the ring girl.

But in true Love Island fashion, Maura wasn’t sat on her tod for long, as two new hunks arrived on the scene, whisking her and fellow singleton Anna away on a date.

While Maura didn’t seem to gel with Jordan, she took an instant liking to Mancunian model Tom - and made sure the other girls in the villa knew about it upon her return.

The following day, however, Tom revealed that as well as finding Maura attractive, Essex lass Elma had taken his fancy.

Anton - who coupled up with Elma last night - then joked in the Beach Hut: “Sums it up. A guy that comes in and his job [as a model] is to be good-looking and he likes the girl that I’m coupled up with!”

Elma and Tom then chatted with each other several times over the course of the day, before Yewande and the girls asked Elma what her thoughts on Tom were.

When Elma responded, He’s a really nice boy. I’d get on with him,” Maura did NOT take too kindly to it, ranting in the Beach Hut about the girl she entered the villa with, saying she was “f***ing fuming.”

Despite the fact that Elma pulled Maura aside and spoke to her about the situation, Maura was still miffed about Tom talking to her pal.

Since, Love Island fans have taken to Twitter, slamming “hypocrite” Maura and her reaction to it all.

One viewer tweeted: “Maura actually does my head in can’t handle a taste of her own medicine can she #LoveIsIand.”

Another added: “I love Elma so much for putting Maura in her place you go girl #loveisland.”

A third said: “Maura just spoke to Elma like shit and is going on about girl code.... get out #loveisland.”

Some cannot believe Maura’s gaul after the way she acted with Molly-Mae: “Maura talking about ‘girl code’ forgetting what she’s done to Molly-Mae was worse #loveisland.”

Caroline Flack then descended on the villa in a stunning gold dress, to reveal the result of the vote. In a shocking turn of events Joe Garratt and Elma Pazar were dumped from the island, leaving Lucie and Anton single again.

At least Maura won't have to worry about Elma making the moves on Tom anymore!