Is Selling Sunset real or scripted? Netflix filming secrets uncovered

18 May 2023, 17:23

Selling Sunset cast including Heather Rae El Moussa, Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan
Selling Sunset has been questioned by fans as to whether it's real or not. Picture: Instagram
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Netflix is dropping seasons 6 and 7 of Selling Sunset with more drama from the likes of Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan and Mary Fitzgerald than you can deal with - but is it actually real? Here's the lowdown on whether it's scripted or not.

Selling Sunset has become one of the most popular reality TV shows on Netflix as drama and friendships bloom in one of the most glamorous offices in LA, The Oppenheim Group.

The cast, including Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Emma Hernan, Heather Rae El Moussa and many more, have brought us one dramatic storyline after another from weddings, broken relationships and open house competition - but the real question is, is it scripted?

With so much going on, fans of Selling Sunset have often questioned just how real the show is and whether there's any medaling when it comes to the production of the show.

So is Selling Sunset real or scripted? Here's everything we know and what the cast have said.

Selling Sunset cast members have said they're never told what to say for the show
Selling Sunset cast members have said they're never told what to say for the show. Picture: Netflix

Is Selling Sunset real or scripted?

Executive producer of the show, Adam DiVello, who is also famous for working on The Hills and Laguna Beach, told Variety the show is "full reality".

He said: "I can’t tell you how many hours we would sit in an edit bay just working on one scene. I think most reality shows would have turned it out in a day and we’ll spend a week.”

But while they've admitted the drama is all real, Chrishell has confirmed a few things are "amped up".

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Echoing this, Jason Oppenheim confirmed the cast are never told what to say before a scene takes place.

He told the "There's nothing that's scripted, we're never told to say anything. At most, I would say that in some situations, if some things need to be addressed or we're meeting a client or something, we'll be asked to wait to make sure we get everything on camera, but that's certainly not scripted.

"You do look back on it and you're like, damn, that is a lot of drama. But unfortunately, it's all real."

The Selling Sunset cast eating dinner with an angry looking Chrishell Stause
The Selling Sunset cast have confirmed situations can be altered slightly for TV. Picture: Netflix

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Christine Quinn, before leaving Selling Sunset, also agreed that certain situations are set up for the cameras when she was interviewed by This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Giving an example, Christine revealed that one of the scenes on the show was staged - the moment she met her now husband.

When asked if she met her husband on the show, Christine said: "Well actually, that was amped up a little, I'm not going to lie. I actually met him through a girlfriend of mine, but Mary spun this story that he was a client.

"We were dating for three months and then we bought a house together, but television is fun."

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