The Sister ending: What happens in the ITV thriller and how is it based on Neil Cross' book The Burial?

29 October 2020, 12:46 | Updated: 29 October 2020, 13:46

Viewers are desperate to know how The Sister ends
Viewers are desperate to know how The Sister ends. Picture: ITV

What happens at the end of The Sister and which book is it based on? Here’s what we know so far..

**Warning The Sister spoilers below**

ITV's The Sister has had the whole nation hooked this week as Nathan - played by Russell Tovey - struggles to get away from his dark past.

Inspired by Luther author Neil Cross' book The Burial, it is set to reveal what really happened between Nathan and Bob (Bertie Carvel) one fateful night ten years ago.

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And a chilling twist at the end of the third episode left viewers desperate to know how the four-part series will end.

So, what do we know about the ending of The Sister and how similar it is to the plot of Neil Cross’ Burial?

The Sister is based on Neil Cross' book The Burial
The Sister is based on Neil Cross' book The Burial. Picture: ITV

What happens at the end of ITV’s The Sister?

We don’t yet know what happens at the end of The Sister, but there are certainly some questions that need answering.

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We know so far that Nathan and Bob buried a girl called Elise ten years ago, and Nathan went on to marry her sister.

It was then revealed that Bob actually planned Elise's death so that he could create a ghost.

In an unexpected twist, it came to light that Nathan and Elise were taken into the woods by Bob, before he left to go to the toilet.

Elise was seen taking drugs and she had sex with Nathan, but she later had a reaction to the drugs and died.

As Bob and Nathan buried her body, Bob revealed that he had intended on her dying so there would be ‘a haunting’.

He said: "I was pretty sure that if Elise died in that place under those circumstances the result would be a haunting so I nudged things along."

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A horrified Nathan replied: "You did it. She died Bob - a person died and you killed her.

"Jesus christ. Do you have any idea what you've done to us?"

In the final episode we are sure to find out whether Nathan's wife Holly will discover the truth, or whether he will get away with his crime.

And as for Elise haunting Nathan, viewers are convinced untrustworthy Bob is behind the ‘ghost’.

The last episode of The Sister airs on Thursday October 29
The last episode of The Sister airs on Thursday October 29. Picture: ITV

What happens in Neil Cross’ book The Burial?

While The Sister is inspired by Neil Cross’ book The Burial, it does not follow the exact same plot.

The Burial synopsis reads: “Nathan has never been able to forget the worst night of his life: a party that led to the sudden, shocking death of a young woman.

“Only he and Bob, an old acquaintance, know what really happened and they have resolved to keep it that way.

“But one rainy night, years later, Bob appears at Nathan’s door with terrifying news, and old wounds are suddenly reopened, threatening to tear Nathan’s whole world apart.

“Because Nathan has his own secrets now. Secrets that could destroy everything he has fought to build. And maybe Bob doesn’t realise just how far Nathan will go to protect them...”

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