The Chase's Bradley Walsh outraged over ‘unfair’ history question

1 October 2021, 11:40

Bradley Walsh stands up for contestant after difficult question on The Chase

Bradley Walsh fumes called one of the questions on The Chase 'unfair', and viewers agree.

The Chase's Bradley Walsh was shocked this week when he read out an outrageously difficult question.

Contestant Jill took on Shaun Wallace in the head to head round, after she had already managed to bag £3,000.

Bradley asked her: "In what year were the Princes In The Tower thought to have died", before announcing the answers as: “A, 1463, B, 1473 or C, 1483.”

Bradley Walsh was shocked after hearing one tough question
Bradley Walsh was shocked after hearing one tough question. Picture: ITV

Clearly shocked by the difficulty of the question, the 61-year-old fumed: "What sort of question is that? Give us a chance!”

He continued: "You could have said 1363, 14 something and 15 something, give us a bit of a chance.

"They're right next door to each other! What chance we got? Unfair."

Jill then said she ‘couldn't remember’ the answer, and Brad jokingly asked if she was there at the time.

To which Jill hit back: "I'm not that old!"

Despite guessing the wrong answer, Jill managed to make it to the third round with her £3,000 and faced Shaun during the final chase.

Jill from The Chase was confused by one question
Jill from The Chase was confused by one question. Picture: ITV

But after her teammates Jack, Peter and Pippa, were beaten by The Dark Destroyer, she was left on her own.

Unfortunately, Jill was caught with one minute and five seconds remaining after answering nine questions correctly.

But it’s not always tough questions that leave The Chasers stumped, as Mark Labbett struggled with a Maths question earlier last month.

Also known as The Beast, Mark is a former maths teacher, but admitted he had ‘never heard’ of composite numbers.

'The Beast' leaves Bradley Walsh giggling as the former maths teacher gets wrong answer

During a head-to-head round against contestant Sarah, they were met with the question: "In maths, what is the first composite number?"

The options were two, four and six.

Sarah, 39, guessed the wrong answer of two after admitting maths was not her strong point, but while Bradley and the rest of the contestants were sure Mark would get the answer right, he also answered two.

Mark told Bradley: "And the answer is in my on-and-off 20 odd years teaching maths, I've never, ever heard the term.

"However, you’re just enjoying the fact I got it wrong."

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