The Chase contestant breaks record by winning £75,000 prize

1 September 2021, 10:29

The Chase: Contestant wins highest-ever prize of £75,000

The Chase viewers were left with their mouths on the floor this week when one contestant won a whopping £75,000.

20-year-old Eden was up against the newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis who had never lost a game since his debut.

Chatting to Bradley Walsh ahead of the cash builder, Eden said he had no idea what he would buy with the money, saying: "Maybe buy a car, nothing fancy just something with four wheels, maybe an Alfa Romeo."

Eden was a contestant on The Chase
Eden was a contestant on The Chase. Picture: ITV

He then added: “Probably just a very old, second-hand one."

After bagging £3,000 in the cash builder, he decided to take the higher offer of £75,000 and got back home without being caught.

Eden was left on his own during the Final Chase after all three of his teammates were caught by Darragh.

Despite being left on his own in the final round - after his teammates were caught - Eden managed to answer 18 questions correctly, while Darragh stumbled through his.

Eden even managed to get several of the pushbacks correct and with only five seconds left, it came down to one last question.

Eden won £75,000 on The Chase
Eden won £75,000 on The Chase. Picture: ITV

"Which chocolate company..." Bradley said, to which Darragh jumped in and answered: "Cadbury.”

But it was wrong, so Bradley put the full question to Eden which read: "Which chocolate company makes the Milky Bar."

Eden answered "Nestle" and then the buzzer sounded.

Bradley shouted: "I can't believe it," as he added: "This is incredible, he's 20 years old and just won £75,000."

"It's the single highest win in daytime history."

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Darragh also congratulated Eden: "You did very well, it was all about the pushbacks in the end."

Bradley then excitedly added: "This is the best quiz on telly bar none, this doesn't happen on any other show.”

Viewers at home were also shocked by the big win, with one writing on Twitter: "Woooow what did I just witness? £75k is just amazing,"

Another said: "Love the chase just watched that young lad win £75,000 wow what a show tonight…. Brilliant."

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