Phillip and Holly in This Morning blunder as Spin To Win goes wrong and they ‘call the same woman twice’

9 April 2020, 11:26

Spin To Win went wrong during today's This Morning
Spin To Win went wrong during today's This Morning. Picture: ITV

The infamous Spin To Win went horribly wrong during todays This Morning episode.

There was another hilarious instalment of Spin To Win on This Morning today as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby seemingly phoned the same person twice.

Every weekday on This Morning, viewers can enter the infamous dame on the app, and then one player is selected at random and called live on the show.

The lucky person has to answer the phone with a password or phrase - rather than saying 'hello' - otherwise they will be hung up on.

But during Thursday’s show, things didn’t exactly go to plan, when two people in a row failed to answer with the passcode.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in hysterics
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in hysterics. Picture: ITV

When Holly and Phil then called a third person, a lady called Caroline answered with the correct phrase “an apple a day”.

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But as Phil, 57, started to giggle, Holly, 39, questioned whether she had already failed to give the passcode just seconds before.

She asked: “We’re asking you to be really honest with us Caroline, did we just ring you and you answered ‘hello’ and we hung up?”

Caroline denied the show had already called her a few seconds before, but Holly and Phil weren’t convinced she was telling the truth, before admitting it was their fault if she was called back.

Phillip Schofield laughed there's 'no one in the studio to sack'
Phillip Schofield laughed there's 'no one in the studio to sack'. Picture: ITV

Predicting that viewers at home might not be too happy with the cheeky ‘rule break’, Phil laughed: “Please feel free to complain on Twitter. We don’t read them and don’t care!”

Caroline went on to win a whopping £3000 after the wheel was spun, before revealing that she is an administrator for the NHS, with Phil going on to praise her for her work during these tough times.

If that wasn’t enough chaos, Caroline was then asked a second question in order to win the This Morning goody bag full of prizes, as well as a puzzle with Holly and Phil’s picture on it.

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But while the question is normally about something which happened earlier in the show, Phil read off his cue card: “What will we all be eating this Easter weekend?”

To which Caroline correctly answered: “Chocolate eggs.”

Confused by the unusual question, Holly replied: “I didn’t know what the answer to that was, I was thinking lamb, hot cross buns…”

Phil then snapped: “That question is supposed to be about what happened earlier in the show… what on earth was that?”

As the pair collapsed in giggles, the presenter jokingly added: “There’s not enough people left in the studio to sack!”

Luckily, viewers found the whole thing hilarious, as one wrote on Twitter: "@thismorning I love spin to win! It's the highlight of my day."

Another joked: "Lol I’m pretty sure that was the same person for Spin to win. But she deserves it for working for NHS Well done"

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