Where are the Celebrity Big Brother season 3 cast now? From PJ Ellis to Alex Sibley

7 August 2019, 20:50 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 20:51

Here's what the Big Brother series 3 cast are doing now
Here's what the Big Brother series 3 cast are doing now. Picture: PA Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Big Brother series three saw the likes of Jade Goody, Alison Hammond and PJ Ellis shoot to fame.

Jade Goody became one of the biggest reality stars ever after entering the Big Brother house all the way back in 2002.

And ten years after her tragic death, her extraordinary life is being explored in brand new documentary ‘Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain’.

But while the mum-of-three from Bermondsey is still a household name thanks to her stint on BB, she was just one of 12 housemates to shoot to fame during series three of the reality show.

So, 17 years on, here’s what the rest of the contestants are up to now...

Peter James "PJ" Ellis

PJ hit the headlines when he got very steamy with Jade under the covers, before later denying anything had happened at all.

After the show, he has since got married, had a son and is now living in Birmingham where he works as a Commercial Lawyer.

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He also founded a charity in Birmingham which supports local projects in the area.

Alex Sibley

Alex came third with 27% of the vote during series 3 of Big Brother.

He has since appeared on Big Brother's Bit on the Side over the years, but has pretty much disappeared from social media other than that.

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Alex Sibley became a heartthrob in 2002
Alex Sibley became a heartthrob in 2002. Picture: PA Images

Jonathan "Jonny" Regan

Runner up Jonny came in second place behind his on-screen best friend Kate.

After leaving the house, the Durham-born star quit his job as a firefighter and later got a gig touring the country in musical Boogie Nights.

He also famously appeared in a string of British Gas adverts as a repairman.

Jonny Regan came in second place on BB
Jonny Regan came in second place on BB. Picture: PA Images

Now, Jonny has two successful photography businesses and lives in Hartlepool.

Alison Hammond

You might not remember, but Alison Hammond actually started her career on Big Brother - but came in 11th place after admitting to Alex and Jonny that she peed in the shower.

But Alison had the last laugh as she's now one of This Morning’s most-loved presenters and has been a regular on the show next to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield since 2003.

Sandy Cumming

Sandy hit the headlines when he climbed up the wall and escaped just 20 days after entering the Big Brother house.

But not before urinating in a bin....

After his short-lived fame, Sandy has kept himself completely out of the limelight.

Sandy escaped the Big Brother house in 2002
Sandy escaped the Big Brother house in 2002. Picture: PA Images

Tim Culley

Tim entered the house as a replacement for Sandy and became a fan favourite when he tried to secretly shave his chest hair.

16 years later, Tim now lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he heads up a design company and describes himself as a “creativity advocate” and “health and fitness devotee”.

Sophie Pritchard

Sophie Pritchard was one half of Big Brother’s best love story with Lee Davey and the pair went on to marry and have a son together.

Unfortunately, the pair split just 10 months after and Sophie has since bowed out of the limelight to raise her son.

Lee performed as a stripper in The Dream Boys for a short while, but now he writes for French football website PSG Talk.