Gogglebox star Shaun Malone becomes a dad for the first time

9 July 2020, 07:32 | Updated: 14 October 2020, 10:29

Shaun Malone from Shaun Malone from Gogglebox is now a father
Shaun Malone from Shaun Malone from Gogglebox is now a father. Picture: YouTube/Channel 4/Twitter
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Gogglebox's Shaun Malone has revealed details about the birth of his son.

Congratulations are in order, because Gogglebox star Shaun Malone has announced the birth of his son.

The 25-year-old is part of the Malone family on the Channel 4 show and usually sits alongside his dad Tom, mum Julie and brother Tom Junior.

Sharing the news on Twitter on Wednesday, Shaun wrote: “Super happy to announce the birth of my son Louis Malone.”

He later added: “Thanks for everyone's interest, mother and baby are both well I couldn't be more proud of my girlfriend I wouldn't be that brave having my belly cut open.”

Shaun's mum retweeted the news to the family's Twitter account, writing: “So excited to welcome our new Grandson Louis !!!! Can't wait to meet him. Congratulations !!!”

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His dad also simply responded: “Well done son.”

While Gogglebox fans were also quick to congratulate him, as one wrote: "Congratulations to you and the new mummy exciting news.”

Another said: “Aww congratulations to you all. Lovely news. He is born into a lovely family.’ While one added: "Finally some Happy News. Congratulations to you all and Welcome baby Louis”.

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The Malone family joined Gogglebox back in 2014 along with their dogs Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe, and have since become favourites.

Shaun has been noticeably missing from the most recent series, choosing to stay with his pregnant girlfriend instead.

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He recently told The Manc: “I’ve not been on the show for most of this series because my girlfriend is pregnant, so I chose to go and live with her while all this Coronavirus stuff is going on.

Shaun Malone has announced the birth of his son
Shaun Malone has announced the birth of his son. Picture: Channel 4

“If I was living at my mum and dads during lockdown I wouldn’t have been able to help her out, or prep for the baby, so I couldn’t film for most of the series due to not being able to go to other households.”

He added: “I’ll be back next series as long as it is safe to do so… with my son because he will be born over the summer!”

This comes after Shaun also opened up about being close to death after suffering a rare brain disease.

He was in a coma when he was just 15 and had to have seven operations in two months.

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