Who are The Malone family from Gogglebox and how many dogs do they have?

6 March 2020, 14:15 | Updated: 13 March 2020, 14:28

The Malone family from Gogglebox
The Malone family from Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4/Instagram

How many dogs do The Malones from Gogglebox have and how long have they been on the show?

With Gogglebox back for another series, it's time to sit down on the sofa, grab a cup of tea and get stuck into the week's best TV shows.

And luckily for us, The Malones are back for their sixth year on the show to give us some hilarious one liners and adorable moments with their house full of rotweillers.

So, here's everything we know about The Malone family...

Who are The Malones from Gogglebox?

The Malone family is made up of mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, and sons Tom Jr and Shaun.

Hailing from Manchester, the Malones are known for always having a bowl full of snacks in front of them, but seemingly never eating them.

Tom Jr. doesn't actually live in Manchester, but he travels up to his family home to film the show.

How many dogs The Malone family from Gogglebox have?

If you’re a fan of Gogglebox, you’ve probably noticed The Malone family is also made up of some adorable rottweilers.

They actually have four dogs - Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe.

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What jobs do Gogglebox’s The Malones have?

Tom senior is a lorry driver, while his wife Julie is a former receptionist.

But fans of the show were recently shocked to find out Tom Jr is actually a dance choreographer for Studio 5 and has previously performed with big names such as Rita Ora, Fergie and Wiley.

His dance crew Ruff Diamond were runners-up on Sky One's Got to Dance in 2013.

Creativity is clearly in the family, as youngest son Shaun was also once a stage actor, appearing in Billy Elliot in the West End.

He now seemingly coaches Man United’s under-16s Ability Counts football team.

What happened to Gogglebox’s Shaun Malone?

Back in 2010, Shaun, 24, was diagnosed with a brain disease and aged just 15 he had to have brain surgery and spent six months in hospital.

This was filmed for ITV’s Children’s Hospital, with mum Julie previously telling the Mirror: “We were absolutely frantic. The doctor said Shaun only had a slim chance of surviving surgery.”

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The Malones on Gogglebox
The Malones on Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4

Do The Malones have any more children?

Tom and Julie have two other children. Daughter Vanessa and son Lee have never been on the show, but their kids Brogan and Ayden have both made an appearance.

Brogan made his Gogglebox debut when he was just three days old.

When did The Malones join Gogglebox?

The Malones joined Gogglebox for the fourth series back in 2014. They have been regulars ever since.

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

According to The Sun, Gogglebox stars get paid £1,500 a month per family, which they can share out between themselves however they see fit.

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