'My brother-in-law stole my baby names and has demanded I choose different ones'

16 February 2022, 11:36

A man has asked for advice on his family drama
A man has asked for advice on his family drama. Picture: Getty Images

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A couple have been left furious after their family members decided to use their sentimental baby names.

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A man has asked for advice after his brother-in-law decided to use his sentimental baby names.

The anonymous dad explained that he has picked a first name and middle name which meant a lot to his family.

But after he told his wife’s brother about the monikers, he used them himself.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: "We started searching for a first and middle name and since I come from Irish origins we decided to settle on my great uncle's first name and my grandfather's middle name.

A man has claimed his brother stole his baby names
A man has claimed his brother stole his baby names. Picture: Alamy

"We told my in-laws about it and my brother-in-law, who is a doctor with a superiority complex, thought the name was awesome.

“Unbeknown to us, he and his wife decided to basically take not just the first but the middle name and use them for their son who was born three weeks ago."

The couple were furious but decided to stick with their original names, until a family argument kicked off.

"We didn't make a fuss out of it until my brother-in-law called to ask about 'the new names' we chose,” the post continued.

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“I told him we're still sticking with the original first and middle names we chose. He sounded confused saying we no longer have a right to these names after he and his wife 'claimed them' and said it was strange that we're still planning on using them.

"I laughed and said that they didn't claim s***! The fact of the matter is, he and his wife stole those names from us and should deal with it."

The whole family soon got involved and demanded they change the names, with the father-in-law even providing a list of alternative names they should pick from.

A man has got into an argument with his family over baby names
A man has got into an argument with his family over baby names. Picture: Alamy

And the argument escalated so much that the father-in-law started shouting ‘obscenities’ and accused the man of turning his daughter against her brother.

"Now getting mother-in-law constantly calling my wife telling her to do the right thing if she still wants a relationship with her nephew,” he added.

After reaching out for advice, one person on Reddit wrote: “I for one do not see why you have to change your child's name. You have ties to it so why should you choose from someone else's list? Like it's ridiculous.”

"I'd send the list back and tell them it's not too late to change their sons name if they care that much, especially as they clearly think all them names are suitable,” someone else said.

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