You can automatically receive texts when your kids get home safely

11 February 2022, 12:30 | Updated: 11 February 2022, 14:16

This iPhone hack is amazing for parents
This iPhone hack is amazing for parents. Picture: Heart/Getty Images

A social media star has revealed how you can set up automated messages on iPhones.

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For any parents who worry about their kids getting home safe, we have the ultimate hack for you.

The clever iPhone trick was shared by TikTok star Katarina Mogus, who revealed it is possible to receive an automatic text when someone arrives at a location.

How do you set up automated texts?

  • All you have to do is head to the Shortcuts app and go to the Automation section.
  • Then tap the + button and choose Create Personal Automation, followed by Arrive.
  • On the next screen, tap Location and enter your address, before clicking on the Done button.
  • Click Next at the top right and select Send Message, where you can write a quick text to send every time you get home.
  • Just tap Recipients and add whoever you want to send the message to and finally click Next and Done.

The hack is not just for kids, as it will work for anyone who forgets to text their loved ones when they arrive home.

Impressed with the trick, someone wrote: “This is very helpful, thank you,” while another said: “Love this!!!!!! Thank you!”

Follow the steps to create automated texts
Follow the steps to create automated texts. Picture: Heart
You can create an automated message
You can create an automated message. Picture: Heart

Someone else joked: “Imagine sneaking out and forgetting to turning it off and you come back home.”

In other parenting hack news, one woman revealed how she manages to try her clothes without a tumble dryer.

Alix Byrne found that using her tumble dryer was really expensive to run, so she discovered that if she covered her clothes with a bed sheet, it locks the heat from the radiator and dries her clothes in a matter of hours.

The 24-year-old postwoman said: “It was kind of a eureka moment.

“I was trying to find where else to hang the bed sheet to dry, apart from over the kitchen door which ends up smelling of whatever you’re cooking.

“I usually keep my clothes frame by the radiator, especially in winter and I just thought, why not throw the bed sheet over the frame, tuck the ends behind the radiator and under the stands, then the hot air from the radiator will dry my clothes in hours.”

Alix went on to say that not only has she saved money on energy, but she can also pack away the clothes horse after just a couple of hours.