‘My sister in law charged me £40 to have Christmas dinner at hers – there wasn’t even dessert!’

14 December 2022, 12:21

A woman has asked for advice on her Christmas Day dilemma
A woman has asked for advice on her Christmas Day dilemma. Picture: Getty Images

A mum has been left raging after her sister-in-law charged her £40 to have Christmas dinner.

One woman has asked for advice after her sister charged her £40 to spend Christmas day at her sister-in-law’s house.

In an unearthed post, the anonymous Mumsnet user explained that her husband’s sister agreed to host the festivities as she has a big new house.

But after offering to bring some food along, her sister-in-law instead suggested she would do a big shop and split the cost among them.

"My SIL said she would host Christmas this year as she has a big new house and plenty of room for us all," she said.

Would you pay £40 to have Christmas at a family members?
Would you pay £40 to have Christmas at a family members? Picture: Alamy

"I asked if I should bring something and she said she would just do a shop and split the cost.

"She did suggest we bring our own alcohol.

"I thought it was a little odd, as did my hubby but he reminded me that she was cheap and the food wouldn’t cost that much anyway!

"Best to just agree with it instead of making a fuss."

She took along five bottles of wine for the guests and ended up drinking one, while her husband didn't have any.

And she wasn’t that impressed with the food either, as she continued: "We were given cereal for breakfast and tinned soup for lunch and a basic Christmas dinner.

A woman has asked for advice about her Christmas bill
A woman has asked for advice about her Christmas bill. Picture: Alamy

"No puddings and just a little cheese for dessert."

While the woman assumed this would all be relatively low cost, she ended up getting a bill for a whopping £40.

Asking for advice, she added: "Am I being unreasonable to feel angry and insulted by this all?" she asked.

"It doesn’t seem right to hand over money. Especially to family.

"Also I feel really ripped off! I don’t want to upset my husband, but his family are a new level of cheap.

"If I did that to my brother, he probably wouldn’t speak to me again!"

People were quick to comment, with one Mumsnet user writing: “That is so uncouth and embarrassing.

“I would be asking her for an itemised bill and really be petty about it down to the last penny, make her see how mean and cheap she is being.”

A second wrote: “That sounds extortionate. If it was a very basic meal with no frills I would question it tbh.”

But some defended the sister-in-law, with someone else writing: “Seems odd to me, but you agreed to it beforehand, so you should pay. I think that asking for a breakdown of the bill is going to cause more trouble than it’s worth!”

Another person added: “Insulted is a bit dramatic.. I hosted my family this year, I expected to cover the cost but they all insisted on giving something towards it which I thought was nice.”

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