Cleaning hack reveals how to remove stubborn stains from plastic containers in 30 seconds

4 February 2021, 11:55

A woman has revealed how she cleans her plastic containers
A woman has revealed how she cleans her plastic containers. Picture: TikTok
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

One couple's trick for cleaning tupperware in under a minute has gone viral.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably thrown away countless plastic containers because you can’t get out those stubborn orange stains.

But now one couple has revealed their handy trick to get your tupperware sparkling new in just 30 seconds.

What’s more, according to couple Justen and Rachel - who go by @foodieduo on social media - you only need soap, water, and a paper towel for the very simple method.

To start with, grab your food storage container and place a wet paper towel, add some washing up liquid and a touch more water.

Then put the lid on firmly and shake it for around 30 seconds, before tipping out the water and removing the paper towel.

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After giving it a quick rinse, you’re good to go!

In the caption, the foodie duo wrote: "The things you learn after all these years,” while they added they were ‘today years old’ when they learned the kitchen trick.

Unsurprisingly, the video has been viewed more than 18million times on TikTok, with other users quick to comment.

A paper towel and some soap is all you need to clean your plastic containers
A paper towel and some soap is all you need to clean your plastic containers. Picture: TikTok

“The same thing happens when you use a sponge,’ wrote one person, while another joked: “I’ve learned more on TikTok in the past six months than I did in six years at school”.

A third wrote: “You know this actually works! I tried it not too long ago!” and a fourth joked: “If you soak it overnight in soapy water it gets it off too.”

This comes after another cleaning expert revealed how to keep your bins smelling good using a bathroom freshener.

Taking to Instagram, Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews told her 64k followers: “TOP TIP for keeping your bin smelling fresh.

“We all know what it's like to have a smelly bin, you can pop bicarbonate of soda in to soak up odour but it doesn't keep it smelling fresh.

“Rather than keep sprinkling bin powders or Bicarbonate of soda into the bin liner try using toilet Duck Fresh Disc gel on the inside of your bin lid.

“Toilet Duck Fresh Discs are Anti Odour, they will neutralise bad odours and leave a fresh scent behind….everytime you open your bin you will no longer be hit by a nasty odour, rather you will be hit with a fresh scent.

“Don't worry your bin doesn't have to smell like your toilet. Duck have a variety of fragrances from floral to fruit.”

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