England's 'most remote house' with no internet or electricity on sale for £1.5million

27 August 2021, 12:12 | Updated: 27 August 2021, 12:13

A remote house in the Lake District is on sale for £1.5million
A remote house in the Lake District is on sale for £1.5million. Picture: Rightmove

England’s ‘most remote house’ is on the market for the first time and it could be yours for £1.5million.

The UK is slowly getting back to some form of normality after a year and a half of isolation.

But if you’ve been enjoying more alone time lately, this remote house could be perfect for you.

Skiddaw House is in the Lake District
Skiddaw House is in the Lake District. Picture: Rightmove

Skiddaw House, located in the Lake District, is 3.5 miles from any roads and has no other houses or buildings in view.

The home has gone on sale on Rightmove for the first time in the 200 years since it was built, and would set you back £1.5million.

Boasting six-bedrooms, the property is 1,550ft up a mountain and is surrounded by other peaks.

It’s only accessible via an off-road vehicle through the Skiddaw mountain and unsurprisingly has no mobile phone signal.

There is also no TV, internet or mains electricity as the house is heated through a wood-burning stove which is powered by solar panels.

The property is located 3.5 miles away from a road
The property is located 3.5 miles away from a road. Picture: Rightmove

The lucky buyer will also get their water from a nearby stream.

Currently owned by a farmer, the 19th Century home was previously a shooting lodge for gamekeepers, a shepherd's dwelling, a school field trip centre and a hikers’ refuge.

But anyone who puts an offer in on the property will have to wait until 2027 to move in as it is now leased as a youth hostel.

This means there is also a licensed shop on site where guests can buy food, snacks and soft drinks, as well as a range of wines, local ales, spirits and whiskeys.

The property in in the middle of the mountains
The property in in the middle of the mountains. Picture: Rightmove

According to Rightmove, it is 'an exciting and unique opportunity' while Mitchells Land Agency say the house is "a source of perpetual inspiration, a place to create art, find peace and live in the sky."

Mitchells Land Agency head, Andrew Wright added: "To look at it, it is quite a plain property - because it is on the side of a mountain. You don't look at any other property.

"It is an exceptionally rare opportunity to purchase somewhere as remote and peaceful as this.”

See the full listing on Rightmove HERE.

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