A 'classic pasta and gravy dish' has divided the internet

12 February 2020, 11:27

Would you try it? (stock images)
Would you try it? (stock images). Picture: Getty/Facebook

Would you eat pasta with gravy? One Facebook user reckons it's a 'classic'...

The internet has been well and truly stumped by a viral photo of a plate of pasta with gravy on top - and we're not sure what to think.

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It was shared to Facebook page Rate My Plate, which has delivered such classics as 'Super Noodles sandwich' and 'spinach and avocado soup'.

Classic Pasta & Gravy by Kristi D

Posted by Rate My Plate on Friday, 7 February 2020

And this latest comes from Kristi D, who captioned it: 'Classic Pasta and Gravy' - and nobody can quite believe it.

While many people disgustingly likened it to human waste, many others were actually intrigued by the idea.

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One person wrote: "I love pasta and gravy have it all the time.

Many Facebook users have been highly distressed by the photo (stock image)
Many Facebook users have been highly distressed by the photo (stock image). Picture: Getty

Another added: "Honestly love pasta with gravy had it a few times this week."

A third wrote: "Nothing wrong with a bit of pasta & gravy lol this is a students/poor mans meal though haha I’ve had this when there’s nothing else in the cupboards".

Some users expressed their desire to try the dish themselves, with one writing: "Is it wrong that I actually quite like the thought of this idea. Chuck in some veggies too and onto a winner".


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