You can do a house swap for Christmas exactly like The Holiday

14 December 2021, 14:55

You can swap your home like on The Holiday
You can swap your home like on The Holiday. Picture: Alamy

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Here's how you can swap your home just like Amanda and Iris in The Holiday...

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Christmas is almost here, which means you’ve probably already watched The Holiday three times over.

In case you’re yet to see it this year, the story follows Iris - played by Kate Winslet - and Amanda - played by Cameron Diaz - who swap homes for the festive season.

While British Iris jets off to stay at Amanda’s huge mansion in Los Angeles, Amanda arrives at a chocolate box cottage near London.

You can swap your home on Love Home Swap
You can swap your home on Love Home Swap. Picture: Alamy

The pair end up falling in love with Jack Black and Jude Law’s characters and we end up balling our eyes out for two hours afterwards.

But if you’re after you’re very own rom-com storyline, now one company is offering real life house swaps this holiday season,

Love Home Swap is inspired by the 2006 film and allows people to choose from thousands of homes across the world in more than 100 countries

There are three different memberships you can sign up for; ‘Lite’ at £8 a month, ‘Standard’ for £10 and ‘Platinum’ for £12.

Cameron Diaz plays Amanda in The Holiday
Cameron Diaz plays Amanda in The Holiday. Picture: Alamy

The memberships all allow you to list your own home and search for others, while the more expensive ones also allow you to browse exclusive deals and airport lounge passes.

You can also ‘boost’ your home and reach out for help from a dedicated swap team who can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Locations on the list include LA, London and plenty of other states across America.

There are also properties in France, Mauritius and even New Zealand if you wanted to go further afield.

As well as being able to swap homes, users can stay at someone’s home without them having to stay in yours through a ‘points’ system.

Jude Law stars in The Holiday
Jude Law stars in The Holiday. Picture: Alamy

There are some housekeeping rules, as the website advises clearing a space in the kitchen and bedrooms and putting your clothes away in a bag or suitcase.

While the users and homes are vetted by Love Home Swap, they also suggest locking all your valuables away and removing any other personal belongings.

You can also specify exactly what you want using search filters and have a chat with the owners before deciding to go ahead.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect holiday home, the best way to exchange keys is to leave them with a neighbour or using a lockbox.

There are also some other guidelines on the website which you can read HERE.

Who knows, maybe in a few weeks you’ll be returning home with your very own Jude Law…

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