Mum horrified after daughter cuts the Queen out of £20 notes to stick on her dolls

26 August 2021, 11:36 | Updated: 26 August 2021, 11:37

Victoria was horrified to find the cut-up £20 notes
Victoria was horrified to find the cut-up £20 notes. Picture: Facebook
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

A mother had quite a shock after discovering that her four-year-old had cut up £20 notes.

A mum has shared her horror after discovering that her daughter had cut up her £20 notes so she could stick the Queen's face on her dolls.

Victoria Ingham from Middlesborough, England, shared photos of her daughter Esme's creations on Facebook, writing: "So, comes upstairs to find our Esme has cut up 25 quid, absolutely gutted cos yano I am a skint student, anyways, look up to see that she's cut the queen's head out to stick on her dolls."

Luckily, she saw the funny side of the situation, adding: "Dunno whether to laugh or cry, all I know is I am absolutely skint so donations welcome.

Esme also used a disposable face mask as a dress for the doll
Esme also used a disposable face mask as a dress for the doll. Picture: Facebook

As reported by The Sun, Victoria added: "Then she's just said, I had three dolls mam but you only had two monies [sic] mam. Eeeee I am howling."

The post has gone viral, with some users offering advice to Victoria on how to deal with the situation.

One wrote: "As long as you have the serial number intact the bank will take the bits and give you the money bank."

Esme cut up the £20 notes while playing
Esme cut up the £20 notes while playing. Picture: Facebook

Another added: "Collect all bits and take to the bank they will exchange for you."

Following the success of the post, Esme's godmother Rachael Westwood started a GoFundMe page to raise funds - after strangers kindly offered to donate money to the family. She has now revealed that all of the money will be going to charity.

She explained: "Originally we said anything over 25 will go to James cook so Vic wasn't out of pocket, however, Vic and Esme (the creator of this fine art) has decided to donate all of the money to the children's ward at James Cook.

Horrified Victoria shared photos of the creations to Facebook
Horrified Victoria shared photos of the creations to Facebook. Picture: Facebook

"Vic is a student nurse, qualifying in September, and has seen first hand the effects of Covid, as a parent it's hard enough seeing your child ill, however, in these times it can be even harder

"ALL money raised will go to the ward where they can hopefully spend it on toys, even arts and crafts for young artists like my goddaughter Esme."

One generous donor wrote: "Best laugh I've had for a fiver ever. Great idea for a good cause too."

Another added: "This is brilliant, 200% worth a donation. I also think you should set up an Esme creativity fund to get some arts and crafts."

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