Mum furious after she's fined £60 for banning daughter from school trip

24 July 2019, 13:10 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 13:13

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A school fined a mum £60 for stopping her daughter taking part in two activity days held to ‘celebrate students hard work’.

A mum was fined for stopping her 13-year-old daughter from taking part in two planned activity days costing parents up to £40.

According to the Daily Echo, the children at Magna Academy in Poole, Dorset, were let off of their lessons for the final days of the summer term, to 'celebrate the students hard work'.

Instead, they were allowed to enjoy activities including ski lessons, water sports and high rope climbing.

But with parents expected to fund these outings themselves, the mother of the 13-year-old decided to keep her daughter off school, saying she found the costs unfair on those who couldn’t afford it.

A woman was given a hefty fine for taking her child out of school
A woman was given a hefty fine for taking her child out of school. Picture: Getty Images

The mum - who didn’t wish to be named - was then contacted by Magna Academy who told her she’d be fined £60.

Parents who take their kids out of school without prior permission, can be given a £60 fine by councils which rises to £120 if it's not paid within 21 days.

After being slapped with the hefty fine, the mum said: “I would prefer to take my daughter to activities like this myself during the summer holiday and some of them are very expensive.

“Those who don’t want to fork out a lot of money will be left walking around the heath or doing puzzles at school while their friends are skiing or doing water sports. "

Her daughter was also told she'd have to attend school on Saturdays in September to make up the lost time.

The mum added: “The school should have broken up last Friday. It is totally wrong that she’s being asked to make up the hours on Saturdays and I’ve been given a fine.”

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However, after making her issue public, the unnamed mum has since claimed the school have withdrawn the fine and demand of Saturday school.

The paid activities included ski lessons which cost £40 per day, Rockley Water Sports for £32, Altitude High Ropes at £18 and two hours at Splashdown which costs £11.

There was also the chance to go to the cinema for £5, bowling for £6 or £2 for rocket building, while free activities included puzzles and an urban heath clean.

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Some of the trips costed up to £60
Some of the trips costed up to £60. Picture: Getty Images

A letter sent to parents in May said: “To celebrate all out students’ hard work and excellent progress this year we will be running two activity days at the end of the summer term.

“The normal timetable will be suspended and there will be two full days of extension and enrichment activities for all students, years 7-10.

“Please read through these activities and descriptions and consider the cost involved.” have reached out for a comment from Magna Academy.