Panicked mum of twins calls police when she can't tell sons apart

14 April 2023, 16:47 | Updated: 14 April 2023, 16:48

Parents Sofia and Lorenzo have struggled to tell the boys apart since birth.
Parents Sofia and Lorenzo have struggled to tell the boys apart since birth. Picture: Renaper

The mother-of-two asked authorities to fingerprint her baby boys so she could identify which one was which.

A desperate mum of twins was forced to call the police to ask for help when she couldn't tell her little boys apart.

Sofia Rodríguez, 25, went viral on social media after admitting she and her husband Lorenzo got her two sons, Valentin and Lorenzo, fingerprinted to identify which child was which.

The new parent, who lives in Argentina, joked with followers on Twitter about her struggle to tell her then 45-day-old babies apart.

Her tweet, translated from Spanish, read: "Tomorrow I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted so they can tell me which one is which. I won the 'Mother of the Year' award."

Despite what she thought was a foolproof plan, the official documents made no difference to her ongoing dilemma.

"We took their fingerprints, but they don't appear in the system. We still don't know who is who," she added.

Sofia was able to spot the difference for a while when one of her sons got two injections in his upper arm, but she still wasn't sure which baby it was.

Next to a photo of her son's shoulder, she wrote: "Today I can tell them apart because of the vaccine, but I don't know which one is which and I need to know to keep track of their medical records.

"In photos, they seem different, but it's because they're taken from different angles or under different lighting. In the flesh, they are identical."

During an interview with, she confessed she always thought she'd be able to keep track of the twins.

In translated English, she said: "I never thought I would get them confused — Valentin always (wore) a blue ribbon, but when I realized that it was too small for him, I decided to cut it (off)."

Twitter users replied to Sofia's story, reassuring her that she wasn't the only mother to mix up her twins.

One social media user said: "With my twin brother, we used to wear bracelets, one on the left and one on the right.

"Legend says that once we both dropped them and they were put back on the other way round. We're almost 30 years old now, and maybe I am him and he is me."

A second added: "I bathed the same one two times and medicated the same one two times. But they survived the chaos."

While a third joked: "Rename and start from scratch."

Since the confusion, Sofia has confirmed that Argentina's civil registry, Renaper, has reached out to her directly and identified the boys.

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