Are you romantic or a loner? This optical illusion will reveal your personality

27 April 2022, 14:56

This optical illusion reveals whether you are romantic or a loner
This optical illusion reveals whether you are romantic or a loner. Picture: YouTube/Bright Side

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Do you have a romantic side or do you prefer spending more time on your own? This optical illusion has the answers...

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This optical illusion can reportedly reveal which of those two personality types you're more likely to have.

Shared by the YouTube channel Bright Side, a narrator explained that most people either see a pair of faces looking at each other, or the outline of a tree.

They explained: "If the first thing you paid attention to was a couple looking at each other, then you're a romantic at heart.

“You really value the people in your life. Love and understanding mean a lot to you.

If you see a tree, you are more of a loner
If you see a tree, you are more of a loner. Picture: Bright side/Youtube

"Not to mention, you have a positive and friendly personality.

“Your inborn reasoning abilities can calm down even the most nervous or agitated of people.”

But for those who saw the tree, you probably like to spend more time by yourself.

The narrator explains: "If your attention was instantly drawn to a tree, you're the type who occasionally needs to be on their own.

"You love nature and solitude but don't mind spending time with your loved ones as well."

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Those who see the tree are also tactful and try to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

Commenters were quick to agree with the traits revealed by what they saw.

One person who spotted the tree first said: “I prefer to work and be alone sometimes, but I do want my time to spend with my friends and family."

Another wrote: "Love doesn't come to me so easily, so they do know me well.”

While a third wrote: “It depends on where my eyes land first and on most of the images I immediately notice the other image after making out the first.”

And a fourth added: “I am really amazed by how accurate you are on the images matching personality.”

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