Man's shock after Tinder match declines date as she's GIVING BIRTH

4 January 2019, 13:06 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 15:31

A Twitter user had possibly the most questionable Tinder match of all time...
A Twitter user had possibly the most questionable Tinder match of all time... Picture: Getty

A Tinder user was shocked when his match said she couldn't come out that night because she was having a baby

If you thought Tinder matches couldn't get worse than sedated catfish, tiger photos, and being sent unsolicited pictures of strangers' private parts, why not take a look at the following screenshot of messages between an unsuspecting man whose match couldn't go out that night because she was at hospital giving birth to an actual baby?

The conversation has gone viral on Twitter, and we can very much see why.

Twitter user @BradGalloway1 posted the screenshot to Twitter alongside the caption: "No fun this Tinder s****".

In the dating app chat, he begins by saying: "what you doing today x".

She replies with: "am in hospital xx".

He then concernedly said: "Oh no why?"

The then wrote: "having my baby ah". She followed it up with: "gutted I'm not out tonight man haha x".

The tweet has garnered 128,000 likes and 21,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Twitter users, predictably, couldn't contain their excitement about the tweet, with one writing: "No way HAHAHAHAHAHA".

Another added: "'Gutted' lmfao dead".

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