Stephenie Meyer reveals she has two more Twilight books in the works

18 August 2020, 10:59 | Updated: 18 August 2020, 11:56

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has announced that she's already in the planning process for two new books.

Twilight fans will be delighted to know that there are two more books in the work, with the author confirming she's already planning both.

Speaking during a Q&A for her latest book, Stepeanie Meyer even revealed that she's started writing one of them.

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Stephenie said: "There are two more books I think in the world that I want to write.

"I have got them outlined and a chapter written I think of the first one, so I know it's there. I am not ready to do that right now. I want to do something brand new."

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has two more books in the works
Twilight author Stephanie Meyer is planning two more books. Picture: PA

The last book she released - named Midnight Sun - was told from Edward's perspective, but the new books won't be following in its footsteps.

She told Seventeen: "Remember that this is all going to work out for Edward and that someday, he’s going to be incredibly happy all the time.

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"Try not to think about his side of New Moon (which I will never, never try to write)."

There are two new Twilight books in the works
There are two new Twilight books in the works. Picture: Summit Entertainment

The books won't be out for some time, however, as she revealed she would work on other projects before completing them.

She said: "After finally getting finished with this book, I plan to spend a lot of time in other worlds where vampires don’t exist.

"I guess my hope is that I can finish another book in a lot less time."


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