UK weather: Britain set for weekend scorcher with mini heatwave

10 June 2022, 10:11

Some parts of the UK will enjoy sunny weather over the weekend.

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It might be time to get the suncream out because many of us are set for a scorching weekend.

In fact, a mini heatwave is said to be heading for the south of the country tomorrow, bringing with it temperatures as high as 24C.

With Storm Alex drawing warm air over the country, it will move to the northwest from the Atlantic.

This means the South and East of England will enjoy the warmest weather, with BBC forecaster Darren Bett explaining 'tropical air is heading our way'.

The weather could heat up in the south this weekend
The weather could heat up in the south this weekend. Picture: Getty Images

Met Office Forecaster Steven Dixon even said temperatures could head towards the mid-20s, as he told The Sun: "There’s warmer air near the continent, as there often is this time of year, and that's encroaching into southern areas of the country over the next few days.

"Temperatures in the South East will be 23°C and possibly could even soar to 24°C tomorrow."

He added: “The average temperature in June is 20C so slightly higher than we would expect for this time of year.”

It’s a different story for the north of the country as the weather will continue to be unsettled.

Heavy rain and gales could also hit many residents as a low-pressure system brings 45 knots in certain areas.

There is a weather split across the country this weekend
There is a weather split across the country this weekend. Picture: Getty Images

Whatever the weather in your area, it’s not good news if you suffer from hayfever as pollen levels will continue to stay high before the country is hit by thunderstorms from ex-Tropical Storm Alex.

Airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg said: "With this fine weather thunderstorms are also predicted, and they can bring problems for hay fever sufferers.

"Very high pollen counts are predicted across many parts of England from Thursday onwards causing havoc for the millions of hay-fever sufferers in the UK. Predicted thunderstorms won’t give respite, as instead they can cause a phenomenon known as ‘thunder fever’."