Woman discovers boyfriend is cheating after spotting suspicious picture while buying a t-shirt online

10 March 2021, 10:46

The woman's story was shared on Instagram (left: stock image)
The woman's story was shared on Instagram (left: stock image). Picture: Getty/Instagram/Depop Drama

Screenshots of the shocking revelation were shared to Instagram account Depop Drama.

A woman who was shopping online ended up discovering her boyfriend was cheating - after spotting a very suspicious detail in a photo of a second hand t-shirt.

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After spotting a top on Depop, she noticed that it was located in her boyfriend's house - meaning that another woman who'd posted the ad had likely been in it...

A woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating while online shopping (stock image)
A woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating while online shopping (stock image). Picture: Getty

In screenshots posted to Instagram account Depop Drama, The woman then reached out to the seller posting the t-shirt to find out more, asking her if she knew her boyfriend.

The seller then replied that she did, and the woman asked if the photo was taking at his.

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"Yeh it was because I left my stuff at his. Why do you ask? Do you know him?", she replied.

The woman then said: "YES i know him and he's my boyfriend!", before asking why she was at his.

The seller then replied:" Omg babe, I'm so sorry I didn't know! You still interested in the top tho? xx".

Unsurprisingly, the woman said: "No, I'm not f****** interested in the top".

The shocking post has racked up over 80,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person wrote: "Bahahah the 'do you still want the top' got me good".

Another added that "she should be mad at the boyfriend though", with many agreeing.


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