UK Weather: When is the heatwave arriving?

14 August 2023, 13:29

The UK could have a mini heatwave
The UK could have a mini heatwave. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Hope Wilson

The latest Met Office forecast suggests a warm week with temperatures reaching 30C.

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The Met Office have revealed that the UK could be set for some summer weather this week.

After a fairly rainy July and August, the sun is set to arrive with temperatures potentially reaching 30C on Friday.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said: "A general warming trend is expected through much of this week, as the weather settles down for a time.

"Whilst some southern areas are already likely to reach the mid 20s by Wednesday, it’s not until Thursday that the warmer weather will become more widespread, with parts of Scotland also reaching the low 20s. Most places will be dry with sunshine, although some early mist and low cloud could mean a slow start for some areas."

It's set to be a hot week
It's set to be a hot week. Picture: Getty

He continued: "We are likely to see the warmest weather on Friday and Saturday, with low to mid 20s widely and a peak of 29C most probable in the southeast; at this stage the odd 30 Celsius here on Friday cannot be ruled out.

"A frontal system arriving into the west and southwest later on Friday, which could be preceded by thunderstorms, does complicate matters somewhat; after a very muggy night in the southeast overnight into Saturday."

This warm weather will be good news for those who have been waiting for a scorching summer.

The Met Office report that Northern Ireland had their wettest July on record, after the whole of the UK was battered by Storm Antoni in the same month.

It was a different story for the rest of Europe as the European Heatwave took over the continent. Portugal has been rocked by wildfires and countries like Spain and Greece have reached 45C.

Temperatures could reach 30C this week
Temperatures could reach 30C this week. Picture: Alamy

Oli Claydon from the Met Office spoke earlier this year about rising temperatures.

The expert said: "It is evident that the climate is possible to reach 40C in the UK now, as we saw in a number of stations in July last year.

"The likelihood of exceeding it going forward somewhere in the UK in a given year is now increasing due to human-induced climate change."

He added: "So as well as the need to mitigate against future climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, we're already experiencing the impacts of climate change now, so there's already a need to adapt to the types of weather extremes that we can see in the UK."

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