Buying London's Rasa Bagdonaviciute's age, net worth, nationality and previous TV work revealed

28 May 2024, 09:16

Rasa Bagdonaviciute is a cast member on Buying London
Rasa Bagdonaviciute is a cast member on Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@rasa.bagd/Netflix

By Hope Wilson

Here is everything you need to know about Buying London star Rasa, from her age to her net worth and where you may recognise her from.

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Buying London has dropped on Netflix and we can't get enough of the stunning houses and fiery drama and advisor Rasa Bagdonaviciute in particular has kept us engaged.

Led by real estate expert Daniel Daggers, 44, the DDRE Global team have been fighting to sell as many million-pound homes as possible, all while navigating their tense work relationships.

One advisor who gets herself into a lot of heated situations is Rasa. Not shy with giving her opinion, viewers watched as Rasa continuously clashed with fellow castmate Lauren Christy. While she is confident with her real estate knowledge, many fans have been wanting to get to know Rasa a bit more.

How old is Rasa Bagdonaviciute, where is she from, what is her net worth and does she have Instagram? Here is everything you need to know about the Buying London star.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute works for DDRE Global
Rasa Bagdonaviciute works for DDRE Global. Picture: Instagram/@rasa.bagd

How old is Rasa Bagdonaviciute and where has she worked before?

Buying London's Rasa is 35-years-old. Despite her young age, Rasa has already managed to carve out a successful real estate career.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Rasa studied International Business at Vilnius University from 2007-2011, before going on to work in customer relations. She joined DDRE Global as a Prime Real Estate Advisor in 2022 and has worked there ever since.

Where is Rasa Bagdonaviciute from?

Rasa is originally from Lithuania but has lived in various places around the world.

Her LinkedIn profile suggests that she has spent time in Dubai before eventually settling in London in 2014.

What is Rasa Bagdonaviciute's Instagram?

Viewers can follow Buying London star Rasa Bagdonaviciute on Instagram @rasa.bagd. She regularly shares images and videos of the properties she is selling as well as a her spectacular outfits and motivational quotes.

Rasa currently has almost 32,000 followers and often partners with various brands on the platform.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute has thousands of followers on Instagram
Rasa Bagdonaviciute has thousands of followers on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/@rasa.bagd

Was Rasa Bagdonaviciute on Selling Super Houses?

Before her time on Buying London, Rasa starred in the Channel 4 show Selling Super Houses. The series was fronted by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star PK Kemsley and aired in 2023.

The show followed aspiring estate agents as they compete for the 'job of a lifetime' at PK's independent agency. Throughout the six episodes viewers watched as the eight contestants took part in challenges to demonstrate their real estate knowledge.

Unfortunately Rasa did not win the competition, however, she will now be showing off her skills on Buying London.

What is Rasa Bagdonaviciute's net worth?

It is currently unknown what Rasa's net worth is, however as she sells multi-million pound properties for DDRE Global, it is clear she has an impressive résumé.

As well as her full-time job, Rasa is expanding her media career appearing on Buying London and also works with various high-profile brands on Instagram.

Was Rasa Bagdonaviciute a singer?

According to her Selling Super Houses biography, Rasa was a popular singer in Lithuania before joining the real estate world.

While her music isn't available to stream, Rasa states that leaving the pop business behind was a better career move for her.

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