Buying London's Lauren Christy's age, net worth and Instagram revealed

28 May 2024, 09:14

Lauren Christy stars in Buying London on Netflix
Lauren Christy stars in Buying London on Netflix. Picture: Instagram/@lifeoflaurenchristy

By Hope Wilson

Buying London star Lauren Christy is stirring up the drama, but how old is she, where is she from and how did she meet Daniel Daggers? Here are all the answers.

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Lauren Christy has certainly stirred up the drama on Netflix's Buying London, after her disagreements with Rasa Bagdonaviciute caused tension within the team.

Similar to Selling Sunset, viewers have been following the advisors at DDRE Global as they attempt to sell some of the most expensive homes in London. But one cast member who finds herself in the thick of the drama is Lauren Christy.

Whilst her longtime friendship with her boss Daniel Daggers is a focal point in the show, many have been wanting to know a bit more about Lauren herself, including whether she still works for DDRE Global...

How old is Lauren Christy, where is she from, what is her net worth and does she have Instagram? Here is everything you need to know about the Buying London star.

Lauren Christy is an advisor on Buying London
Lauren Christy is an advisor on Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@lifeoflaurenchristy

How old is Lauren Christy and where has she worked before?

It is currently unknown how old Buying London star Lauren is, however according to her LinkedIn profile, she attended the AAA School of Advertising from 2009-2011 and obtained a bachelor's degree.

After graduating Lauren went on to enter the real estate world, becoming a Property Consultant and Senior Lettings Negotiator before joining DDRE Global, where she appears to still work today.

Where is Lauren Christy from?

Lauren is originally from St Frances Bay, South Africa. It appears that the Buying London star lived and worked in Cape Town before moving to London in 2021.

What is Lauren Christy's Instagram?

Fans can follow Buying London star Lauren @lifeoflaurenchristy.

She regularly posts images and videos of the properties she is working with at DDRE, as well as showcasing her travels around the world.

Lauren Christy has been in the real estate business for years
Lauren Christy has been in the real estate business for years. Picture: Instagram/@lifeoflaurenchristy

What is Lauren Christy's net worth?

It is currently unknown what Lauren's net worth is, but since she works for DDRE we're certain she's managed to secure some lucrative real estate deals.

Since she is also appearing in Buying London and elevating her fledgling social media accounts, Lauren is sure to add more value to her net worth soon.

How did Lauren Christy meet Daniel Daggers?

An important part of Lauren's journey on Buying London is her friendship with founder Daniel Daggers. The pair have been firm friends for years and according to the trailer, Lauren has used their connection to her advantage.

It isn't clear how Lauren and Daniel first met, however they appear to have a strong working relationship as well as a platonic one, despite what the rest of the cast may believe...

But Lauren doesn't believe nepotism has got her where she is in DDRE, telling the Mail Online: "I am one of the best agents here. Agency life is full of ups and downs. Dealing with the tough times for me starts with health so I prioritise some sort of physical activity every day.

"Not everything will go your way, so let go of the things you can't control and harness the things you can."

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