Buying London's Reme Nicole Urubusi's age, TikTok and net worth revealed

28 May 2024, 09:14

Reme Nicole Urubusi is an advisor at DDRE Global
Reme Nicole Urubusi is an advisor at DDRE Global. Picture: Instagram/@remenicole/Netflix

By Hope Wilson

How old is Buying London star Reme Nicole Urubusi, what is her net worth and does she have TikTok? Here is everything you need to know about the Netflix star.

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As the youngest advisor on Buying London, Reme Nicole Urubusi doesn't let her age stand in the way of making business decisions.

Fans have watched as Reme and the DDRE Global team attempt to sell some of the hottest homes in London, while also dabbling in a hint of drama to keep viewers entertained. Who could forget her awkward argument with fellow advisor Oli Hamilton!

After gaining a strong following on social media, Reme is excited to expand her real estate knowledge and show off her skills on Buying London.

How old is Reme Nicole Urubusi, does she have TikTok and what is her net worth? All of the answers revealed.

Reme Nicole Urubusi has carved out a successful social media following
Reme Nicole Urubusi has carved out a successful social media following. Picture: Instagram/@remenicole

How old is Reme Nicole Urubusi and where has she worked before?

Reme is 23-years-old. As the youngest member of DDRE Global, founder Daniel Daggers has described Remi as a "rough diamond".

According to her LinkedIn profile, the Real Estate Advisor has worked at DDRE Global since 2021 after previously working as Chief Communications Officer at The Millennials Club.

Does Reme Nicole Urubusi have TikTok?

Reme has amassed over 200,000 TikTok followers on her account @remenicole after creating content about real estate as well as relatable videos about being a young person in 2024.

The TikTok star has gained 22.5 million likes on her posts and we can't wait to see what Buying London content she will share.

Reme Nicole Urubusi stars in Buying London
Reme Nicole Urubusi stars in Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@remenicole

What is Reme Nicole Urubusi's Instagram?

Viewers can follow Reme on Instagram @remenicole. She regularly posts images of her nights out as well as documenting her holidays around the world.

Reme currently has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, with that number certain the climb following the release of Buying London.

What is Reme Nicole Urubusi's net worth?

It is currently unclear what Reme's net worth is, however since she has worked at DDRE Global, we're positive she has added a vast amount to her net worth.

While she stars in Buying London, Reme also has various successful social media accounts which are sure to help build her brand.

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