Who plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes? Get to know Bono's daughter Eve Hewson

17 February 2021, 16:23 | Updated: 19 February 2021, 16:54

Your need-to-know on Behind Her Eyes star Eve Hewson
Your need-to-know on Behind Her Eyes star Eve Hewson. Picture: Getty

Eve Hewson is the actress who plays Adele in Netflix's Behind Her Eyes - here's your need-to-know on her age, Instagram and famous parents.

Behind Her Eyes has officially landed on Netflix, and we couldn't recommend the spooky series more.

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The psychological thriller, based on the book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough, tells the story of a love triangle between single mum Louise, her boss David and his mysterious wife Adele.

Adele is played by actress Eve Hewson, who is known for her roles in film Robin Hood (2018) and drama The Luminaries (2020).

Here's your need-to-know on her.

Who is Eve Hewson? What's her age and background?

Eve's full name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson, and she was born on 7 July 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. She is 29 years old.

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Who are Eve Hewson's parents?

Eve's dad is singer Bono, and her mother is Ali Hewson.

She previously opened up about her dad being supportive of her work, saying: "I always say my dad’s a crazy stage mom with me. Whenever we’re out, he’s always introducing me and talking about my work.

Eve is Bono's daughter
Eve is Bono's daughter. Picture: Getty

"He gives my full IMDb credits to whoever we’re having dinner with. And my mom is very supportive too, so that‘s really nice."

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, she added: "I get given a hard time but I guess I have the performing gene. I was always surrounded by really artistic, inspiring people and that’s really rubbed off on me.

"It’s hard to be around such a family like mine, where there’s so much going on, and not get that bug. I had an amazing childhood."

What has Eve said about Behind Her Eyes?

Describing the plot of the show before its air date, Eve said: "The show is a psychological thriller. And it is a love triangle about a single mother named Louise who starts an affair with her boss while simultaneously sparking up a friendship with his wife."

Is Eve Hewson on Instagram?

She is! You can follow her @memphisevehewson.


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