Behind Her Eyes Netflix cast and where you have seen them before

19 February 2021, 14:58 | Updated: 24 February 2021, 16:24

Who is in the cast of Behind Her Eyes?
Who is in the cast of Behind Her Eyes? Picture: Netflix

Behind Her Eyes cast: who plays the likes of Louise, David, Adele, Sue and Rob and what else have they been in?

Behind Her Eyes dropped on Netflix last week, and many people have been left wondering where they recognise the cast from.

The show stars Eve Hewson, who plays Adele, as well as Simona Brown, who plays Louise, and Tom Bateman, who plays David.

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The limited series, based on the book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough, tells the story of a woman named Louise, who enters into a love triangle after getting involved with her married boss.

She then ends up befriending his with, Adele, and a series of strange events occur.

The show dropped on Netflix on Wednesday 17 February, and many viewers may be wondering where they recognise the cast from.

Here's your need-to-know on the characters and actors who play them...

Who plays David in Behind Her Eyes?

Tom Bateman plays David
Tom Bateman plays David. Picture: PA

David is the psychiatrist at the centre of the story, who becomes romantically involved with his secretary Louise after meeting her in a bar just after moving into the area - before he knew she worked for him.

He is shown to be mysterious from the outset, and has a troubled relationship with his wife Adele, who he appears to force to take a number of prescription medications.

Speaking to about his character ahead of the show's release, David said: "I would describe David as a man trying his best to do what is right, often to the detriment of his own happiness."

Tom Bateman is the actor who plays him, who you may recognise from show Da Vinci's Demons, and film Murder on the Orient Express.

Who plays Louise in Behind Her Eyes?

Simona Brown plays Louise
Simona Brown plays Louise. Picture: PA

Louise is a single mum who lives with her son in London.

She is a secretary at a psychiatrists office, and enters into an affair with her married boss David - before unexpectedly befriending his wife Adele.

Louise is played by Simona Brown, who has appeared in shows like Kiss Me First, Little Drummer Girl, and Murdered By My Boyfriend, as well as film The Night Manager.

Who plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes?

Eve Hewson plays Adele
Eve Hewson plays Adele. Picture: PA

Adele is the wife of David, who makes an effort to befriend Louise after revealing she doesn't know anyone in the area.

She is played by Eve Hewson, who you may recognise from BBC One drama The Luminaries, as well as the 2018 adaption of Robin Hood.

Who plays Rob in Behind Her Eyes?

Robert Aramayo plays Rob
Robert Aramayo plays Rob. Picture: Getty

Rob is Adele's best friend from her past, who often features in flashbacks.

It is revealed that she met him in a psychiatric hospital, and that he had romantic feelings for her that were not reciprocated.

Rob is played by Robert Aramayo, who you may recognise from Netflix series Mindhunter and film Suicide Tourist.

He also played a young Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

Who plays Sue in Behind Her Eyes?

Georgie Glen plays Sue
Georgie Glen plays Sue. Picture: Getty

Sue is the secretary that works with Louise in the psychiatrists office.

She is played by Georgie Glen, who has also appeared in shows including Waterloo Road, The Crown, Call the Midwife, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and Jackie.

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Who plays Louise's friend Sophie in Behind Her Eyes?

Nichola Burley plays Sophie
Nichola Burley plays Sophie. Picture: Getty

Sophie, Louise's best friend who she regularly confides in, is played by Nichola Burley.

The actress has appeared in a number of TV shows, including Downton Abbey, Wuthering Heights, and Death Comes to Pemberley,


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