Eamonn Holmes calls fireworks ‘animal cruelty’ and says they should be banned

3 November 2021, 09:54 | Updated: 3 November 2021, 10:01

Eamonn Holmes wants to ban fireworks
Eamonn Holmes wants to ban fireworks. Picture: Instagram/Alamy

This Morning host Eamonn Holmes has called fireworks 'animal cruelty'.

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Eamonn Holmes has called for fireworks to be banned completely, branding it ‘animal cruelty’.

With Guy Fawkes night right around the corner, the This Morning presenter said the noise scares his beloved dog Maggie, who he shares with wife Ruth Langsford.

Writing in Best magazine, he admitted: "I don't know what she thinks is happening, but the bangs and flashes scare her witless. It's so distressing to watch. If you have a pet, you will share our helplessness.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes rescued Maggie
Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes rescued Maggie. Picture: Instagram

"It's pure animal cruelty but nobody in charge seems to care. There's more that could be done. Restricting the dates and hours in which fireworks can be set off is one, instead of a month-long blitzkrieg.

"Nothing I or Ruth say will make a darn bit of difference but my dog, anyone's dog, cat rabbit, pony or farm animal's face or response just might. Few children will prefer a display over distress."

Eamonn has suggested restricting fireworks for special occasions only, including Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night or New Year's Eve.

Last year, he shared a picture of Maggie looking far from happy on November 5, after he put a special hoodie around her ears.

He wrote at the time: "Maggie isn't looking too happy in her Happy Hoodie , but so far so good .👍

"She's not responding to the bangs. Nothing too close at the moment but normally she would be upset by what I'm hearing. I'm definitely optimistic but the night is yet young . 🐕 #5thnovember."

This comes after Sainsbury’s announced they have stopped the sale of all fireworks in their stores.

The supermarket first stopped selling fireworks back in 2019, with bosses confirming this will also be the case in 2021.

Eamonn Holmes in tears after watching video of song his late father played to him

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: "We regularly review the products available in our stores and we are no longer selling fireworks based on a range of factors.”

Other bonfire night themed products will be sold across their 1,428 shops, with the statement adding: "Customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light-up spinning wands."

The move has been praised by charity Dogs Trust, who have urged other retailers to do the same.

A spokesperson from the trust said: "Although they can look beautiful, fireworks can be very distressing for dogs when let off unexpectedly, and because they are so easily accessible all year-round, dog owners are on tenterhooks as to when their beloved pooch will next be frightened."

Eamonn wants to ban fireworks for Maggie
Eamonn wants to ban fireworks for Maggie. Picture: Instagram

According to the RSPCA, it’s estimated 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

Some countries have already banned the sale of private-use fireworks due to concerns over the impact on pets and wildlife, including Ireland and Chile.

Experts have previously shared tips on how to keep your furry friends calm on Bonfire night, including walking them in the day, closing windows and curtains to quieten the noise, and putting on music or the television.

You can read more about how to keep your pets safe on the RSPCA website here.

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