Gary Beadle and Emma McVey 'going through hell' with newborn Primrose's stomach problems

9 January 2020, 12:48

Emma has opened up to her Instagram followers about her struggles
Emma has opened up to her Instagram followers about her struggles. Picture: Instagram

The couple welcomed their first daughter Primrose on 15 December last year.

Emma McVey has told fans that her newborn baby Primrose is suffering from stomach problems, revealing that she's 'going through hell' taking care of her.

Writing on her Instagram stories, the model, 27, pleaded with companies to stop pestering her to work with them during the difficult time.

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She wrote: 'For all companies messaging for posts or chasing posts, please stop until I am back working.

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The tiredness. The black eyes.

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"Just because I am not posting updates for you daily does not mean it's okay to hound me and think everything is okay.  

"We are all going through hell at the minute, not the newborn bubble that's a notable.

Emma added: "Primrose had her sixth hospital appointment yesterday, I am trying to still make Chester's birthday and party the best for him, so work is my last priority right now. 

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"Your mum instincts are never wrong, Primrose is everything Chester was in regards to stomach problems plus more and it's absolutely heartbreaking to see."

Emma and Gary's eldest child Chester was born in 2018, and she previously opened up about the medical problems he also experienced as a newborn.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "There’s been nothing worse than to see Chester so poorly and in pain from every feed, to the point I cried for him. 

"Everyone sees a brave front but it has been the worst and hardest time of my life to not be able to take the pain myself. 

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"Thanks to all the emergency doctors who brushed us off with colic, because it’s normal that he eventually started refusing feeds? It’s normal we had to take shifts sitting up through the night as he could only sleep sat upright on us?

"It’s normal that he ended up in a curled up position that he couldn’t get out of? Blaming the fact we are ‘first time parents’. After 4 emergency visits we finally found an amazing paediatrician who listened, who checked and helped us."

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Our babies 🎅🏼❤️ @gazgshore

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She continued: "Cries and a real struggles, I will say every parent deserves a medal. I definitely couldn’t of got through the past week without the amazing help from grandparents, friends and a fab daddy that Chester has.

"A tablet a day dissolved and given to by a syringe for his stomach acid, cows milk intolerance and a thicking agent added to every feed we have a happy Chester, not 100% but he’s definitely on his way!

"Nothing makes me smile more than seeing this face and hearing him giggle. I will take the sleepless nights as long as you’re happy little man."

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