Gemma Collins rows with fellow passenger on flight to Athens over seating

20 August 2019, 10:54 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 11:10

Gemma reportedly got into a fight on a plane
Gemma reportedly got into a fight on a plane. Picture: Getty

Gemma was filmed getting into an argument with a fellow passenger on a plane

Gemma Collins got into a row with a fellow economy passenger over seating on a recent flight.

The argument was reportedly started after the passenger sitting in front of Gemma attempted to recline her seat while she was trying to sleep.

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The Diva Forever star was on board the Aegean airlines flight from Athens to Heathrow when the exchange happened.

Gemma, who had her tray down, is said to have been attempted to rest her head on the seat in front to sleep - when the passenger sitting in the seat reclined it.

An eyewitness told the Daily Mail that Gemma then shouted: "What the f**k are you doing, babe?", to which the woman in front, who didn't speak much English, said: "My chair is not reclined."

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Gemma then apparently retorted: "Stop f**king moving, stop f**king moving, just leave it, it's fine."

The passenger then apparently protested that she wasn't doing anything, to which Gemma replied: "But leave it like that, it is hitting my head and it hurts."

She then apparently ended the argument with: "Alright it's fine".

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A spokesperson for Gemma told the MailOnline: "All Gemma did was like many passengers do in a busy air plane is ask for someone to be considerate to her.

"It was a gentle request and was in no way a row."