Holly Willoughby in This Morning blunder as she accidentally covers her teeth in chocolate live on air

13 February 2020, 10:56 | Updated: 13 February 2020, 11:01

This Morning descended into chaos on Wednesday when Holly Willoughby smothered chocolate on her teeth.

Holly Willoughby suffered a faux pas during a segment on This Morning earlier this week when she got chocolate stuck on her teeth live on air.

During a segment about Valentine’s Day baking, chocolatier Paul A Young joined Holly, 39, and Phillip Schofield to whip up some sweet treats.

But as Paul got to work on the chocolate pinatas, Holly picked up a spoon and asked to try some, saying: "I just want a little bit".

Despite being warned that there was extra cocoa in it so would be "very strong", the mum-of-three dived right in and ended up with chocolate stuck all over her teeth.

Holly Willoughby left This Morning fans in hysterics
Holly Willoughby left This Morning fans in hysterics. Picture: ITV

Looking on in shock, Phil, 57, joked: "Straight down the dentist then?,” as Holly continued to put more chocolate on her face.

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She then pulled a series of hilarious faces as she laughed: "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Phil reminded his co-host that Friends legend David Schwimmer would be in soon, and Holly rushed to wipe the sticky mess from around her mouth.

And viewers at home found the whole thing hilarious, as one wrote on Twitter: “Holly still manages to look good even with chocolate all over her mouth!"

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"Holly is having the time of her life with that choc,” said another.

That wasn’t the only mishap during the show, as a camera crashed to the floor during an emotional chat with guest Nicola about her husband's tragic death.

While Nicola discussed her bucket list, there was a loud banging, as Holly screeched: "Oh!"

She then added: "Just a little camera thing falling there!"

When Nicola asked: "Not my children?”, Phil joked: "No, your children didn't touch anything - that's fine.

"We did that one on our own!"

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